The robots have long been counted and our lawyers have “cleared” the winners (whatever that means) of our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide Scavenger Hunt! To recap: We hid little red robots throughout our gift guide, and challenged you to spot them all (correct answer: 15) for a chance to win serious gift-certificate awesomeness from our friends at ThinkGeek. Without further ado, congrats to the following winners (if this is you, check your email, stat!):

Grand Prize Winner:

Seth S. from CA will be receiving a $200 gift certificate code from ThinkGeek and some fun CHOW schwag!


Kristen N. of NY and Will B. also out of NY will each get a $50 gift certificate code from ThinkGeek and some CHOW gear!

Thanks to everyone who entered (over 600 of you!) and to our friends at ThinkGeek for helping us make this an extra-happy holiday for some lucky readers!

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