The debate over which burrito is better—Northern or Southern California’s—is likely to heat up with the opening of Molcasalsa Mexican Food in San Pablo. The claim to fame at this new outpost of the San Diego–based chain (with drive-through window) is the “elusive … California burrito, breakfast burritos (with potatoes SD-style) and terrific carne asada fries,” rworange says.

On her first visit, rworange tried the relatively expensive ($2.99) carne asada taco, but found it overloaded with meat. On a subsequent trip, she scored a chorizo breakfast burrito “with fries inside” and found it less than perfect. “I have to guess there might have been a pound of chorizo in there mixed with two eggs at most,” she says. “It took a while to find the cubes of potato.”

“Can’t say I was thrilled with the place,” adds lmnopm, who found the taste “ok” but the red sauce “odd” and the “frozen crinkle cuts” of potato underdone and soggy.

But rworange is waiting to pass final judgment. “I am guessing they are still working out opening glitches,” she writes.

Molcasalsa Mexican Food [East Bay]
3300 San Pablo Dam Road, San Pablo

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