OneShot Tequila

OneShot Tequila

I Paid: $3.99 for a 1.5-ounce bottle (prices may vary by region)

Taste: 2 stars

Marketing: 4 stars

My inner magpie screamed, “BUY!” when it saw OneShot Tequila. How cool is it to buy an already-full shot glass? Rip the thrillingly grenadelike metal-ring pull top, tilt your head, and bam, you’re off to an undergraduate-style experience in no time flat. Added bonus: The shot glass that OneShot is packaged in is yours to keep. The clever top assemblage on these little bottles snaps right off once it has been opened, so what you’re left with is a roughly 2-ounce cordial glass made from thick, durable glass. The labels also peel right off, so if you’re looking to expand your barware collection, these bad boys are one way to go about it. Arguably not the finest way, but that’s a personal-taste question.

OneShot flavors include tequila shots infused with natural mint, lemon, peach, grapefruit, and more, plus many other alcohol and flavor combos including rum and vodka shots. I tried the Mint and Lemon tequila shots.

Naturally with this sort of a thing, the flavor’s the challenge. The Lemon variety is disarmingly easy to describe: If you’ve ever had Lemonhead candies, there you go. It’s a sweet flavor up front followed by a sour finish, chased with a bit of agave and more syrupy sweetness, with an underlying but manageable alcohol burn. This stuff isn’t caustic and bitter the way bad tequilas can be, but (surprise, surprise) it lacks the complexity and stand-alone power of good tequilas.

The Mint variety, by contrast, tastes like mouthwash. Not “kind of” or “sort of” like mint mouthwash, but precisely like mint mouthwash. Try it on a friend. Say: “Hey, try out this new mouthwash I’m sampling,” and not in a million years will they say: “Wait, isn’t this tequila with a hint of minty flavor?” If there’s any agave in there it’s buried, lost in the tidal wave of aggressively refreshing mint flavor. And regardless of what the label says, if this is purely natural flavor, I’m a chart-topping R&B singer-songwriter.

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