Strip T’s in Watertown has been garnering plenty of attention over the past few months, partially thanks to a five-month-old thread about the menu’s “increasing funkiness.” A new, young chef and some interesting menu changes prompted this lively discussion, and a few quotes have already been included in the “Overheard on the Boston Board” columns. But with the posts still coming in (well over 100 contributions as of December 14), the thread deserves some special recognition.

GretchenS recently tried the cauliflower appetizer: “richly caramelized cauilflowerettes with a delicious spicy sauce, pickled onions, and just a dusting of cotija. Wonderful.” Bob Dobalina sampled a special appetizer of veal cheeks, which he described as delicious but rich. “It was almost like a take on the pork and Chinese broccoli over rice one might get as Thai street food or locally at Rod Dee (minus the rice),” he says.

VintageMolly was “blown away” after trying the brioche doughnut dessert, and opinionatedchef was impressed with the Thatcher Island oysters (served with Thai basil granita and pickled sliced cranberries). “I never mess with mignonettes, just lemon, but this was a major wow,” opinionatedchef says.

Here’s how WilderPenfield summed it up recently: “The most compelling reasons to visit Strip-T’s, I think, are that it accommodates a nice range of palates, from burger-eaters to the more adventurous, and perhaps more significantly, it’s a nice, independent neighborhood joint that is a little bit trendy but not precious.”

Strip T’s Restaurant [Watertown]
93 School Street, Watertown

Discuss: Strip T’s increasing funkiness

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