For years, gordon wing has walked past New Lun Ting Cafe—informally known as “Pork Chop House”—and recently, he finally decided to duck inside this “very old school kind of place” for lunch.

He sampled the roast pork and beef tongue. “Very generous plates,” he notes, “big scoop of rice and lots of meat along with a good portion of canned corn.” As for the pork, it was “tender and moist and anointed with the brownish/orangey gravy … good but not as savory as I remember the roast pork at Mariposa—which had more caramelization and a salty crust.” The tongue was equally moist and tender, and the meal started off with typical diner-style tomato soup. For dessert, there was a square of lemon Jell-O with “nice tang/full flavor.”

“New Lun Ting is one of the places that helped me keep body and soul together in the early ’60s,” soupçon says. Adds yimster, “The Yee family has owned this landmark place since the ’50s or early ’60s,” and it’s still serving big portions of comfort food, though not of the Asian variety. “The only Chinese food I would order is the salted fish fried rice,” yimster says.

New Lun Ting Cafe [Chinatown]
670 Jackson Street, San Francisco

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