Looking to have a late lunch? The year-old Cotogna—Michael and Lindsay Tusk’s more casual spinoff of Quince—is now open all afternoon, notes Robert Lauriston, and the full menu is available from lunch until closing. Frosty Melon points out that there’s a different menu on Sundays, a $48 prix fixe with four courses.

At a recent “very nice” lunch, Parigi had “great bean soup, octopus salad, gnocchi, pasta nera. Our fave meal in SF, beating out Delfina.” The only problem was the price: $75 per couple for two courses (a starter and a main) and no wine. “Call me petit bourgeois,” Parigi says, “is this price point normal for SF?”

“I’d say that’s an average price for that area and the kind of restaurant it is,” Leely2 notes. But is average still too expensive? “Depends on whether you can get the same thing elsewhere for less,” Robert Lauriston says. “To my taste, nobody else is serving food like Cotogna’s.”

Cotogna [Financial District]
490 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco

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