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"I've waited up to 2 hours to sit at the skinny little packed counter at old school Swan Oyster Depot, to be rewarded by wonderful sourdough and butter, oysters on the half shell, Crab Louie salad, white clam chowder, half a cracked crab and its butter, smoked whitefish, and a cold Anchor Steam or Muscadet." – mariacarmen on food worth waiting for

"Always saved the stocking for last and it always had an orange or tangerine in the toe, linty ribbon candy, a Gertrude Hawk solid milk-chocolate Santa or other figure on a stick, and a candy cane on the top. A treasure trove of other small treats like gum or the Life Saver book, toys or trinkets ... like a small doll, Super Ball, Slinky, Rubik's Cube, and when a little older maybe an ornament, costume jewelry, nail polish or lip balm. I remember my brothers always had Hot Wheels cars and [my] doll freak younger sister once got a little doll in a plastic locket that was supposed to smell like strawberry , lavender or something pleasant, but it reeked and she continued to collect more of those stink bombs!" – Island on childhood stocking stuffers

"You've obviously never swallowed a piece of tofu straight out of a burning hot Korean soup ... it's a hilariously painful experience. Something about tofu makes it cool down slower than all the other ingredients—when you realize how hot it is in your mouth your first instinct is to swallow—and then you literally feel it burning as it goes down your esophagus. Try it some time." – joonjoon in a thread on why Korean soup is served at such a hot temperature

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