Dracut, situated just north of Lowell and just south of the New Hampshire border, may very well be the eggnog capital of Massachusetts. Hounds in search of the creamy holiday treat have two fantastic sources for a product made locally.

MC Slim JB’s favorite eggnog is from Richardson’s Dairy (no relation to Richardson’s Ice Cream in Middleton), which sells a quart for $3.35. Currently, it’s only available for purchase at the farm itself, which is where Infomaniac gave it a try. “It had a nice fresh smell, a smooth creamy feel, almost like melted ice cream in your mouth,” says Infomaniac.

mjg0725 likes the eggnog from Shaw Farm ($4.99 per quart). It comes in a decorative glass jar, and is only available seasonally, during November and December. You can buy it at the farm stand, or at Kickass Cupcakes in Somerville, where it’s sold by the pint and quart.

Reaching Dracut is a long trek for many, but hounds on the South Shore shouldn’t despair—DrMag says the eggnog at Crescent Ridge Dairy in Sharon is great, too!

Richardson’s Dairy [Merrimack Valley]
1471 Bridge Street, Dracut

Shaw Farm Dairy [Merrimack Valley]
195 New Boston Road, Dracut

Kickass Cupcakes [Somerville]
378 Highland Avenue, Somerville

Crescent Ridge Dairy [South Shore]
355 Bay Road, Sharon

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