For bad nono, good espresso has been hard to come by: “I’m strictly an espresso drinker and being European I usually despair of the quality of espresso in this town (no, I don’t like Intelligentsia, nor Lamill, nor Groundwork renditions of it), or maybe it’s just my taste buds that are used to something different.”

But bad nono finally found satisfaction at Drip. “I winced at the $3 charged for the espresso at Drip, but after I drank it I thought it was well worth the price,” bad nono says. “Smooth and sharp, no hint of burnt rubber like I usually get elsewhere, and not too watery (I’m looking at you, coffee chain from Seattle).”

Drip is located where you’d least expect it—on the second floor of a Koreatown shopping mall. bad nono says the café has the standard hip modern décor, though the lack of natural light is a bit depressing. Here’s hoping Drip survives, despite its odd and obscured location.

Drip [Koreatown]
3525 W. Eighth Street, Suite 203, Los Angeles

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