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LA reviews

by jesi1882 15 years ago

I am a sous chef in NYC and was wondering what is the biggest review column out there? I just want to be able to read up on whats going on back in CA. thanks

TopChef Redux! Set your recording devices! [Moved from Not About Food]

by ClaireLiz 15 years ago

Reminder TopChef fans - Bravo is replaying the most recent season this Monday 7/10 from 1pm through 7pm. Enjoy!

Diners on NPR this Weekend

Mattapoisett in LA
by Mattapoisett in LA 15 years ago

FYI- I think it will be on Saturday's show. Check Local Listings. The History of the Diner on this Weekend’s All Things Considered On this week’s Weekend All Things Considered, host Debbie E...

SF reviews

by jesi1882 15 years ago

I am a sous chef in NYC and was wondering what is the biggest review column out there? I just want to be able to read up on whats going on back in CA. thanks

Online Dining Guides

by jordana 15 years ago

Hi, I feel like there are so many dining guides on the inernet. What do u think the top 5 are? I am trying to do somsort of compialtion online of all of the guides for myself to compare. An...

Anyone read Chinese Food Finder: New York by Carl Chu? [Moved from Manhattan]

Spoony Bard
by Spoony Bard 15 years ago

Browsing amazon, this book came up, and I had no idea that it existed. Carl Chu's LA guide (at least edition 1)is damn near perfect, providing a cultural, historical, and linguistic guide to both t...

ISO Houston food blogs

by dessertfirst 15 years ago

Are there any food bloggers in Houston? And/or where are the best places to get info on foodie events and news?

LA Chowhounds ... any opinions on LA Weekly's list of 99 essential restaurants?

by PaulF 15 years ago

[Note: This was moved from Not About Food - The Chowhound Team] LA Weekly has a list of 99 "essential" Los Angeles restaurants this week. (Hope there wasn't already a thread on this, I didn't see ...

[SAT] -- In case you haven't picked up your NYT this morning...

by Kirk 15 years ago

R.W. Apple fawns over La Reve: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/06/28/dining/28texas.html?ei=5088&en=c3c4dcfbb9aa1ba7&ex=1309147200&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss&pagewanted=all

Ok, Who's Watching Hell's Kitchen?

by sivyaleah 15 years ago

Very entertaining so far, kitchen fires, an ambulence about to arrive, girls in bikinis getting drunk in jacuzzis, rummaging through dumpsters full of rotting improperly cooked food. I forgot how ...

New York Times article on high fructose corn syrup

by Mandymac 15 years ago

Wondering what people thought of this article skeptical of the villanization of HFCS in the nytimes: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/07/02/business/yourmoney/02syrup.html I've always been type of...

"Wrapped in Dough" -- A great blog fades into the sunset

Gary Soup
by Gary Soup 15 years ago

Blogger Astrid is about to let her "Wrapped in Dough" blog go dark, being too busy in law school. For those who knew the blog when its creator had the time to keep it rocking, it was one of the bes...

Globe's Alison Arnett

by hogtied78 15 years ago

Has anyone else notice that Ms. Arnett rates almost all restaurant between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 stars? There is much to criticize about Michael Bauer's judgment and writing, but Alison is simply in a cl...

Molly O'Neill's new memoir

Pat Hammond
by Pat Hammond 15 years ago

I always looked forward to Molly O'Neill's column in the NY Times Magazine. I couldn't wait to read her memoir: Mostly True: A memoir of family, food, and baseball. Her brother, Paul, played for...

Michael Pollan's NYT Food Column -- Food for thought

by Ellen 15 years ago

See the link below for very interesting and astute observations by the author of the Omivore's Delimma on the state of our food supply and the culture, politics and industry that support it, and vi...

Julie and Julia - 2 books, what's the difference?

by annab 15 years ago

Hi, Was ordering myself a copy of "Julie and Julia : 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen" from Amazon and discovered that there was another, similar title in the "buy together" suggest...

SF Chronicle's 2006 Top 100 Restaurants list

by Robert Lauriston 15 years ago

Changes from last year: IN Ame Bar Crudo Canteen Citizen Thai and the Monkey Coco 500 Cucina Cyrus Dosa Medicine Eatstation Olema Inn Pizzaiolo Pizzeria Picco Range Redd Tres Agaves Zarzuela OU...

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