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Jim Leff on Public Radio 8/21 (and podcast)

by Andrew Gore 15 years ago

I was on a Chowish mission Saturday to find and eat the infamous "Porno Burrito" in Los Angeles. I was chowing down on this flaccid wonder and listening to KPCC, my local NPR station on my Walkman ...

useful sushi restaurant site?

by Raconteur 15 years ago

http://sushiref.com/listings/na/usa/mass/boston/central/ Lists restaurants, with links to hours, reviews, sample prices etc. Claims to be worldwide.

Jim Leff on Weekend America [moved from Not About Food]

by Jerome 15 years ago

Nice hearing Jim on Weekend America. frankly, where was the discussion of the upstate new york fish fry? That's the secret up there, I always thought.And steiningers chocolates (ok that's up near s...

Korean food show 10:30pm Wed. LA area

by kare_raisu 15 years ago

Does anyone watch this crazy food-centric not-translated show from korea? OPinions, info? On channel 18.

Oh boy... thailand! (blog w/ photos)

by Mr. Taster 15 years ago

In my research for a trip to Thailand, I stumbled across this blog and thought you would enjoy it. Mr. Taster Link: http://chanchao.fotopages.com/

San Francisco Magazine's "Best Of...2006"

by chilipalmer 15 years ago

Check the site for the "official" bests...I found the list predictable and chamber of commerce'ish..You? http://www.sanfranmag.com/best_of_the_bay/readers_picks/

Richard Olney "The Good Cook" Consultant Highlighted in Gourmet Magazine...

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

I love the Time-Life Books series called "The Good Cook", and always wondered who the dour looking fellow was featured on the inside cover. The August issue of Gourmet features a story called "The ...

Feasting on Asphalt-AB

by melly 15 years ago

Did not like it at all. Very disappointed. More about the host...not enough about the food or the preparation of it. I love Alton on Good Eats....but so sad to see it's just another Food TV gimm...

It's enough to make one cry... (Mexican food article in Star)

by TorontoJo 15 years ago

So in light of all the recent discussions of Mexican food in Toronto, it's ironic that Jennifer Bain has an article in today's Star about visiting Chicago to check out the Mexican food scene there....

Are the write up's from Gourmet and Bon Appétit re: Portland restaurants really deserved?

by gin_soaked_beau 15 years ago

or is this just publishing hype while jumping on the bandwagon of yet more media hype of a supposedly hip city coming into its own?

Indian Food: Eating in Technicolor

by ciaogina 15 years ago

Perhaps because Indian food is so vast and I'm learning more every day this non-audio story over at NPR on the history of Indian Food with recipes was worthwhile: Indian Food: Eating in Technico...

Ethical eating in the Twin Cities

by cooknKate 15 years ago

These articles appeared today in the Taste section of the Star Tribune. Both are written by Jeremy Iggers (on top of being a food critic has now been writing columns on ethics) and both are excelle...

The Sietsema Factor [Moved from Washington DC and Baltimore Board]

by biscuit 15 years ago

Wondering if any of you have measured your experiences up against Mr. Tom's and if so, did you find his reviews meeting your expectations or falling subpar? Seems many people (generally speaking) t...

BBQ Bible [Moved from General Topics]

by fryrose 15 years ago

My adventures as a CH began when I picked up a marked down, out-of-print book Real Barbecue by Greg Johnson and Vince Staten (1988). After reading the book, I talked two friends into a Kansas City ...

CHOW.COM - Read All About It at NY.TIMES.COM

by niki rothman 15 years ago

There's a new website opening this week operated by CNET, owners of chowhound.com. The new site is called chow.com and will be devoted to all things chowish. Check out the details at NYTIMES.COM. T...

Excellent Article on Soy Toxicity in the SF Chron (linked)

Morton the Mousse
by Morton the Mousse 15 years ago

I've been following the growing criticism of the modern, industrial soy industry for the past year, and this is some of the first "mainstream" publicity I've seen: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/...

Hooked: Pirates, Poaching, and the Perfect Fish

by frankiii 15 years ago

Has anyone read this yet? I heard an interview with the writer over the weekend and went to the book store and picked up a copy. Sat up until about 1 reading last night and hit a little bit of it t...

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