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Hanoi Food Blog

by Riverdaleto 14 years ago

[Moderator note: this was posted today on the old International board in response to a four year old thread about chow in Vietnam. We have moved it here as topically it is a tip to a food blog.] ...

Laurie Colwin Remembered

by BBK 19 years ago

Today while cleaning out files, I happened upon her essays which I had clipped from Gourmet Magazine back in the early '90s. I spent the better part of the afternoon lost in her refreshing way of...

Cooking shows on Imaginasian TV

by DiveFan 14 years ago

I just discovered an hour long series entitled 'Asian Buffet'. It's on at 11pm Pacific and other times (but can't search the web site schedule). It is mostly narration in English and covers differe...

Asphalt food #4. Alton fell! Ouch!!

by Roberto 14 years ago

I just saw #4 and sure enough he fell. Cracked collerbone. He look's ok and he continued the run. I'm not going to review the whole eposide but reading previous posts I generally agree. A little to...

good eats tropical episode

by mabziegurl 14 years ago

is this the new season? are they going to be an hour long from now on... i actually didn't like this episode =/ i'd much prefer the iron chef sort of way, with one ingredient or type of food. wh...

Feasting on Asphalt-Episode 3

by Phaedrus 14 years ago

I get it now! I was looking at this thing all wrong, I was expecting something along the lines of the Al Roker vein, I should have known better. This is definitely not one would expect from the F...

Memorable Restaurant Sightings In Movies

by Polecat 14 years ago

Okay...so my last movie-related post has been done to a turn. How's this: Ever catch sight of a favorite eating place in a movie? Or just a legendary place you've only heard about and then, lo and ...

Tartine Bakery Cookbook

by emily 14 years ago

I saw that this is now available for shipment at amazon. Has anyone taken a look at it? I assume it has all the Tartine favorites.

Jim Leff's CHOWTour

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 14 years ago

The first information from Jim Leff's CHOWTour is up on Features. Read his pre-trip comments here: http://www.chowhound.com/features/show/10007 There's a new board for discussing the CHOWTour: ...

Bourdain in Beruit on tonight (21 August)

by Alexandra Eisler 14 years ago

The Travel Channel is showing footage tonight. Here's a link: http://travel.discovery.com/

Bourdain article on Las Vegas?

Robert Lauriston
by Robert Lauriston 14 years ago

In the Las Vegas episode of No Reservations, Bourdain referred to a magazine article he was writing about the city's celebrity chef restaurants. Sounded like Gourmet but he didn't say. Anybody seen...

Jim Leff is on Sirius Radio 112 (Martha Stewart) right now

by jackie 14 years ago

Fun interview ought to be going on a while longer if anyone has access...

Jim Leff on Public Radio 8/21 (and podcast)

by Andrew Gore 14 years ago

I was on a Chowish mission Saturday to find and eat the infamous "Porno Burrito" in Los Angeles. I was chowing down on this flaccid wonder and listening to KPCC, my local NPR station on my Walkman ...

useful sushi restaurant site?

by Raconteur 14 years ago

http://sushiref.com/listings/na/usa/mass/boston/central/ Lists restaurants, with links to hours, reviews, sample prices etc. Claims to be worldwide.

Jim Leff on Weekend America [moved from Not About Food]

by Jerome 14 years ago

Nice hearing Jim on Weekend America. frankly, where was the discussion of the upstate new york fish fry? That's the secret up there, I always thought.And steiningers chocolates (ok that's up near s...

Korean food show 10:30pm Wed. LA area

by kare_raisu 14 years ago

Does anyone watch this crazy food-centric not-translated show from korea? OPinions, info? On channel 18.

Oh boy... thailand! (blog w/ photos)

by Mr. Taster 15 years ago

In my research for a trip to Thailand, I stumbled across this blog and thought you would enjoy it. Mr. Taster Link: http://chanchao.fotopages.com/

San Francisco Magazine's "Best Of...2006"

by chilipalmer 14 years ago

Check the site for the "official" bests...I found the list predictable and chamber of commerce'ish..You? http://www.sanfranmag.com/best_of_the_bay/readers_picks/

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