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Pie Eater Movie

by Georgesimian 12 years ago

A film about a woman and her love affair with pie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgtosyGfEzQ


jennaroo commented 12 years ago

A chowish animated movie??

by wyf4lyf 12 years ago

I just saw a preview for an animated movie called "Ratatouille" about a rat in Paris who refuses to eat bad trash, an...


Velma commented 12 years ago

A sad day indeed

by bigmackdaddy 12 years ago

Harry Olivieri, inventor of the Philly cheesesteak passed away today at 90 years of age. http://www.wcbs880.com/page...


bigmackdaddy commented 12 years ago

CIA magazine, Kitchen & Cook

by Caitlin McGrath 12 years ago

I got a mailing yesterday begging me to subscribe to a year's worth of the the Culinary Institute of America's food m...

Will Owen

Will Owen commented 12 years ago

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Chefs Against Hunger [moved from General Topics]

by Darren72 12 years ago

Anyone know anything about this forthcoming book, "Chefs Against Hunger," by Ferran Adria? http://www.amazon.com/...

Confirmed. Tony Bourdain is stuck in Beiruit

by Davwud 12 years ago

As of 6:30 eastern Read posts here http://community.discovery.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/6811975208/m/4911901438/p/2 ...


Davwud commented 12 years ago

Good Eats Water Works II mistake?

by Non Cognomina 12 years ago

I was watching Good Eats this evening, the episode titled Water Works II" and the little factoid blurb before a comme...


paulj commented 12 years ago

behind the scenes at CHOW

by MarkG 12 years ago

is jim leff still moderator in chief?? i read that chow was bought by some media entity?? does that mean that leff...

Jim Leff

Jim Leff commented 12 years ago

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Panamanian cooking blog [Moved from South America board]

by paulj 12 years ago

When I did a search on 'huevos montado' (eggs on horse back) I came across this blog by a Panamanian cook. http:...

books on table service

by Danimal 12 years ago

Are there any? I'm a waiter, and I have a lot to learn

Non Cognomina

Non Cognomina commented 12 years ago

Gaming the Citysearch Ratings

by lintsao 12 years ago

I am on the email list for a NYC restaurant that has been dunning recipients for votes on Citysearch. They stress th...


monday commented 12 years ago

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Cross country cheese tour

by Scooby 12 years ago

If you like cheese, follow the exploits of some SERIOIUS cheesers who are doing a cross country tour of hand-made che...

Decoding Ferran Adria DVD

by applehome 12 years ago

I just got through watching this DVD and have to say it's terrific - I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Fe...


jacquelinec commented 12 years ago

What would your throwdown look like? [moved from General Topics]

by melly 12 years ago

Saw Bobby Flay last night..liked the new "throwdown" show. Was wondering what your signature dish is...and who wou...

The Ranger

The Ranger commented 12 years ago

New product -- Wonder Bar, chocolate to cure PMS

by Pupster 12 years ago

Apparently, this reporter was wowed by a new product introduced at this year's fancy food show, a chocolate bar formu...

The Chowhound Team

The Chowhound Team commented 12 years ago

Entourage Restaurant Tracker

by cincodemayo1 12 years ago

Is anyone else a fan of the show? Over the last 2 seasons, and including this season, which LA restaurants have t...


cupcake commented 12 years ago


by Whippet 12 years ago

What's your favorite book (non-cookbook, preferably nonfiction) about food? I very much enjoyed Feast, by Roy Strong,...


melly commented 12 years ago

Improper Bostonian's Boston's Best issue

by BackBayGirl 12 years ago

Just curious what anyone thought about The Improper Bostonian Magazine's Boston's Best restaurant picks this year.


fullbelly commented 12 years ago

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Food podcast for SF?

by mingerspice 12 years ago

For many months now I've been listening jealously to Good Food, which is a food podcast out of LA. Each episode, they...

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