The Ultimate Guide to Snacking in the Sky 
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The Ultimate Guide to Snacking in the Sky 

Rebecca Wright
over 1 year ago

Traveling is so much fun, you get to see the world and explore different cultures. Unfortunately, the less fun part of travel is getting to your destination. Some people hate flying more than others, but everyone can agree that it can be a pain.

Like most things in life, flying is made substantially better by snacking. And thankfully, most airlines provide free snacks and beverages to get us through the seemingly never ending flights to wherever we’re headed.

This is a very serious matter. Snacks can make or break a flight, either passing the time while you indulge in your favorite treat or leaving a horrible taste in your mouth for the remaining hour. A recent study investigated America’s flight preferences, and they determined the food and drinks most sought after on board. Did they get it right?

Soda is the Beverage Go-To

About one in every five passengers say they order a regular soda when the flight attendant passes through. Whether it’s coke or pepsi, this bubbly beverage is a safe bet for everyone. The next most common drink is water, though surprisingly only 17% of respondents selected H2O as their go-to.

Combining beer, wine and liquor, 23.2% of Americans opt for a buzz on-board. Alcohol is a quick fix to anyone who’s nervous to fly, but beware - alcohol affects you differently in the different altitude, so watch your intake.

Peanuts Over Pretzels

A third of Americans agree that peanuts make for the best in-flight snack. Pretzels are a close runner up, making crackers the least favored airline food. These snacks are enough to pass the time and curb the hunger cravings until you can eat your favorite meal in your foreign destination.

With only a quarter of respondents agreeing that cookies reign supreme, this is clearly the most underrated airport food. The Biscoff cookies served by Delta airlines became so popular that it spawned into cookie butter and other products you can purchase in grocery stores. When the flight attendant offers a cookie, you take it.

Life Hack: Bring Your Own

Let’s be honest, most of the options the flight attendants provide you with on board are only good because it’s all you’ve got. Seasoned travelers know the best way to survive airline travel is to come prepared.

Purchasing snacks and drinks in the airport before heading on-board is definitely not the way to go. These can get expensive and dig deep into your travel funds. Instead, go to the grocery store on the way to the airport and stock up on all your favorite snacks. You’ll save a lot of cash and have way more options to choose the perfect treats. Try to select your favorites that don’t make a mess - you’ll thank yourself later.

You can’t bring beverages through security, but there’s no limit on snacks, so load up on everything until your heart’s content. This is an easy way to pass the time on a flight by indulging in your favorite treat that you only buy on special occasions. Plus, if you’re feeling generous, sharing with your neighbor could lead to a new travel bestie! 

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