Top cabernet sauvignon wines to try in 2020

Top cabernet sauvignon wines to try in 2020

Alycia Gordan
almost 2 years ago

When it comes to enjoying wine, the place you get it from plays a vital role in this, there are many people who sell wine online, and you may be at a loss on where you should get yours from and if you are getting authentic wine. Millésima has been in the business of selling wine for a long time, and for this reason, you can rest assured that you are dealing with professionals who will not only get you the best vintage wine but that you can be guaranteed of quality. They not only have a physical shop, but you can also get their wine list online and order a bottle or two to deliver at your doorstep. With some nay brands in the market, you may be spoilt for choice over which wine to select. This list provides you with some of the best cabernet sauvignon wines you should try this year

McManis Family Vineyard: Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Being a small winery, McManis family winery had the best environment where they could apply small winery techniques like individual small lot fermentation and oak aging. This is what led to the development of its unique wines. The wine has a rich dark color full of beery fruit like blueberry, blackberry, and black cherry. The wine is creamy and round, delivering an abundance of fruit flavors as praised by the company. The oak aging process used leaves it with just a hint of smoke to the finish

Silver Oak Cellars: Napa Valley "Cabernet Sauvignon" 2014

This 2014 cabernet sauvignon wine has a crimson color with a purplish hue to it. It draws you in with notes of black cherry, cassis, pipe tobacco, salted caramel, cocoa beans, and fresh strawberries. The wine has a depth of flavor and is mouth-coating with velvety tannins and flavors of cream soda and red fruit. It has a lengthy finish of blackcurrant and vanilla tones. While it is drinkable upon release, proper cellaring conditions can keep it to be enjoyed through to 2040

Tenuta San Guido: Le Difese 2017

This blend of sauvignon and Sangiovese makes it a great win from the onset as an entry-level red. It is an easy-drinking Tuscan blend that has dark, ripe fruit nuances over a short and lean mouthfeel. Most people describe it as being delicious with currant, plum and berry aromas and flavors, and a citrusy, floral undertone.

Tabor: Adama Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

This wine from the Galilee in Israel is of a beautiful medium purple color that lasts through the wine. Its aroma is of burnt black fruit, almost like roasted blackberries, with some notes of red fruits like raspberries and roasted blackberries. The wine has a medium to full body taste, and its acid is calm from beginning to finish. To its finish, it holds a burnt blackberry flavor with a touch of bitterness.

Duckhorn Vineyards: Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

The wine has a deep burgundy color and a fruity aroma. Its scent has notes of blackberries and a hint of tobacco spice. It is not as heavy as most cabernets are and can pair very well with cured meats. Other than the meat, it pairs well with dark chocolate and salty cheeses as well while it can be drunk right after opening, it tastes better when you let it aerate for an hour or so.

Penfolds: Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz2016

This bright garnet white usually has an immediate ascent of scent, so there is no need to swirl it to find out 'what lies beneath.' It has dark berry fruit, both varietal persuasions, overtly courted by elements of ponzu, soy, and mushroom. Your sense will be taken to a forest after the rain, with its wet bracken, liberated mulch, and damp soils. The flavors and textures are akin to Kobe beef, and they have an earthy accompaniment of licorice and anise. It has an appetizing acidity, one with a non-intrusive and refreshing granite-like bite.

Caymus Vineyards: Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Caymus has a signature style, often dark in color with rich fruit and ripe, velvety tannins. It offers layered, lush aromas and flavors, including cocoa, cassis and ripe dark berries.


With all these wines in the market, our bucket list is full of choices for whatever occasion you may need them for. The good thing with millesima is the act that you get to order online and you can see what wine is still available in stock before paying them. In case you have any questions about the wines, then there is a lot of friendly staff that can answer all the questions you have and even offer suggestions on what wine will work for the occasion. This makes the whole experience pleasant. 

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