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5 Places Mentioned
My top 20 dishes in San Diego Bucket List!

I have scoured over this month's edition of SDM and in much anticipation of Troy Johnson's 7 years worth of San Diego food sampling, editing, critiquing and reviewing....read over his 103 best dishes in the area. I then looked at the ones close enough to me that would reasonably be close enough and worth the drive to get to. I then looked at what dishes actually had my interested in some form. I then factored which places I have already been to and perhaps even already tried in the past. After all that analysis I have come to 20 dishes/venues I will be looking to knock out over the next few months. My goal is 2 per week average so 10-11 weeks to hit these up. I had 24 at first by 4 I have had before so those I got "free spaces" for. My game so my rules!

 I find that when trying new places its ALWAYS better to try them with fellow foodies and my Chowhound family are of course my first choice dining companions. What I will do is post a message in the San Diego discussions section every Monday morning with my 2 selection dishes/venues and the day/time I plan to go try them. If you want to/can join me please do! Always like getting insights and reflections from other serious local foodies like ya'll!

Tonight, Friday 2/7/17 is Tajima in Hillcrest (Tajima Ramen dish), tomorrow morning during my weekly Farmers Marcato tour I plan to hit Queenstown Public (for the lamb burger).

Tajima Ramen Bar Hillcrest,
Tajima Japanese Restaurant,
Tajima Izakaya,
Tajima Ramen East Village,
Queenstown Public House

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