Tips on Choosing a Healthy Meal Kit Delivery
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Tips on Choosing a Healthy Meal Kit Delivery

Alycia Gordan
over 1 year ago

The growth of meal kit delivery services in recent times has been on an upward trajectory. Most people are looking to save time and money by ordering for doorstep delivery of different healthy recipes. With the several meal kit available in the market today, settling on one is a daunting task. This guide looks to show you how to choose and provides suggestions for some of the top ones.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Meal Kit Delivery

Special Meal Plan Provision

The environmental consciousness and other lifestyle changes mean that most people are looking for unique meal plans like never before. Some of the current trends in meal plans are the influx of vegetarians and ketogenic diets for those who want to lose weight fast.

Look for a meal kit that provides for your particular meal plan need. Several meal kits are flexible enough to offer special requests, even if it is not their leading service.


Before you choose to work with any meal kit delivery service, look for reviews and recommendations. The reports show you precisely what to expect when you order from the meal kit service. With the reviews, you also understand other essential aspects like pricing, delivery options, and operations.

Delivery Options

One of the main reasons why you opt for a meal kit delivery service is the delivery to your premises. The various services provided for different delivery terms that you to consider before choosing them. While some deliver at a price for all your orders, other services offer free delivery on nearby convenient places like gyms and co-working spaces. Work with a meal kit service that is convenient wherever you are.

The Cancellation Process

Change is inevitable among humans. After some time you might opt out of the service once you have mastered enough recipes, relocation or looking for other options. You are, therefore, better off with a service that provides for easy cancellation. Understand all the significant provisions like notice days and means of communication when cancelling the service.


There is nothing as lovely as a flexible meal kit delivery service. The service should allow you to choose the most convenient place for delivery. It should also provide for flexible deadlines and will enable you to pause your membership program when away or unavailable.

An ideal meal kit service also comes with integrated communication channels for prompt reminders in case of approaching deadlines.

Top Meal Kit Services

Now that you understand the tips to consider when looking for a meal kit, here are some of the top recommendations based on those factors.

1. Blue Apron

Blue Apron is one of the top meal kit plans in the world with a knack for providing simple and easy to make recipes. The company is known for some unique recipes that allow you to try out new exciting cooking methods. It is also a pro-environment that helps in locating some of the convenient recycling bases near you. They provide themed recipes for easy ordering.

2. Home Chef

With over 38 meal kits available for order during a single week, Home Chef is one of the leading service providers. It takes pride in offering a wide range of meal kits with consistent revamps. The other selling point is that it allows users to change the protein portion without affecting the whole meal kit.

Home Chef offers oven-ready meals at competitive prices, that gives it the mass appeal.

3. EverlyPlate

Are you looking to order a meal kit yet low in cash? EverlyPlate provides affordable meal plans for your ultimate meal experience. The company segments the wide range of healthy foods is into eight weekly meal plans for full selection.

4. Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is the ultimate meal kit for those looking for plant-based meal plans. In a bid to ensure vegetarian meal plans, the company partners with other top vegetarian supply brands for your complete meals. It has also automated most of its packaging and portioning processes to reduce wastage.

5. Hello Fresh

Hello, Fresh is one of the most convenient meal kit services for those who lead a busy lifestyle. It partners with several food brands to offer a wide variety of meal plans. It is also part of a food watch program to ensure it delivers only the healthiest of the products. In a bid to ensure environmental friendliness, the company uses 100% recyclable bags for delivery instead of boxes.

6. Sun Basket

Sun Basket is the undisputed leader in healthy eating. With concentrations on vegetarian, gluten-free and low-carb meals, the service is ideal for all special food needs. Unlike other food services that meal kits that offer specialized meal plans, it also provides for organic meals.

Sun Basket recipes are made by one of the most reputable chefs in San Francisco. They are also quite easy to prepare with most taking less than 30 minutes to be ready. For those who struggle with the recipe, the meal kit comes with online tutorials for direction.

There are several other kit meals to consider. For more meal kit reviews, visit https://www.themealkitreview.com/.


Having a busy schedule is not an excuse anymore, not to eat healthily. The ready-made recipes and ingredients from the meal kit make it easy to make even the most complex of meals. Look for a meal kit that provides for convenient and affordable delivery as well as your special meal needs.

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