Super Bowl Spread Tips

The Super Bowl watching party is pretty much an American Holiday.  An excuse to gather around on a Sunday, eat and drink for half the day, gamble and watch the main event, the Commercials. It's also a chance to showcase your fine-tuned party appetizers. A bit different than the Holiday apps, the Super Bowl spread is much more 'full contact' and napkin heavy. While every food site might be boasting the best Wing or Nacho recipe, I'm here to give you a game plan... well, and a secret to great wings. 

Pre-Game Set Up: No need to start super easy, but it helps to be dialed in before the National Anthem. #1 - Get your TV & Sound Set Up. Put on the Pre-game. It's the best pageantry of the year. #2 - Set up / Maximize seating arrangements. No one wants to stand. 'Stadium' seating is always appreciated - rows of seats, with different elevations. You can even use a table to sit on, adding height behind the couch seats. Call it the 'Bleachers,' I bet it gets filled first! #3 - Disposable plates & paper towels are your best friend. #4 - Prep your hot food. Get all your hot courses ready for their respective slots! More on this later... #5 - Set up your Gambling Squares. If you don't know, Google it. 

Pre-Game Food: Keep it light here. No need to dive straight into the main courses when you have 4 hours of Advertisements and a Half Time show to watch! Chips & Salsa, Guac, Popcorn, Cold dips and hummus will fill your table. Things that can sit for a few hours should be out here. People will come at all times leading up to the game, so have some snacks out! 

Start of Game / 1st Quarter: Wing time. I like to do most of my cooking here ahead of time. During the Set up process, I'll BBQ my wings until they are just charred. I then send them in a foil pan (read: easy clean up) to a 400* oven. I do this right before the National Anthem. This should give you about 10 or so minutes in the oven, so they are ready for Kick-off / first ad break. I only serve wings here... let all the snack food get eaten. Get ready for your main courses at Half Time. 

Half Time: The main event! Bust out your best during the extra long break in the action. I like to get most of the heavy lifting done ahead of time. Pulled Pork, Taco Bar, Sliders (my favorite - Meatloaf sliders) can be done well in advance. Get your main protein ready ahead of time and into a crock pot or oven safe dish. Make an assembly line and turn it over to the masses. Don't forget some veggies or a salad. The Ladies will love it. 

4th Quarter: Dessert time. This should be simple. Cookies, brownies, Ice cream etc. Also, its a great idea to throw a Fruit Salad out now too. The sweet and healthy fruit will be a welcomed site! Pro-Tip: Think about clean up. Get your trash bags out and start slowly taking care of clutter during the commercials you've already seen 4 times. 


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