Summer: Picnicking

Summer is prime season for a good picnic. Sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine can only be made better by some awesome snacks and beverages. Here is your guide to create the perfect picnic. Click on the photos for links to recipes! 

Non-Food Items

Flat ground - While this seems obvious, sometimes it is underestimated. Get your self some flat ground, maybe some shade! Pick wisely, moving a picnic sucks. Beware of your surroundings! 

Small Cutting board - Might be the most underrated item in your picnic. Doubles as a table and a serving vessel! It will make your life very easy, and cleaner! 

Small Sharp Knife - The workhorse of your picnic.  This way you can bring fruit to cut, cheese, even sandwiches. They sell great knives with a plastic scabbard at most hardware stores. Super cheap and great to have on hand.  

Wine Key / Bottle Opener - Umm... no explanation needed. 

Hand Sanitizer & Wet Naps  - You'll thank me later. 

Your Own Garbage Bag - File this under decency. There might not be a trash can in your ideal picnic area, so be a good person and pack out your trash. 

Blanket, Reusable plates, Plastic wine glasses, Reusable napkins, Utensils - Essential hardware for a proper picnic. Pro-tips are getting some great reusable cups / glasses, plates and utensils. They will find many uses! 

Pro Tips and Food Items

Bring less food than you think you need - Seems strange, but bringing food home from a picnic is about as annoying and appetizing as soggy lettuce. Pack a little less per person than you think. 

Sparkling Water - Elevate your picnic with an easy and cheap drink option! 

Salt, Pepper, Hot sauce -  While it may seem overboard packing these items, sometimes you need just a little extra flavor. Pro tip - You can get small packets of these at most grocery stores, Fast food restaurants, etc. 

Avoid mayo based dressings and salads - We're not saying don't bring potato salad. But, be aware of items that could spoil easily! Check out our recipes. 

Use chilled wine as ice packs / Freeze water bottles - Skip the ice packs, use cooling techniques you can drink! Cold chilled white wines, and frozen plastic water bottles do a great job of keeping things cold in your bag. And, you can drink them! #Efficiency. 

Hearty bread sandwiches -  Dutch crunch, sourdough baguette, thick cut whole grain breads do a much better job holding up for longer periods of time. 

Pre-Cut large fruit - Pineapple and hard melons like cantaloupe are easy to prep and travel well! Also ok to use as drink enhancers :)

Keep Dessert Simple  - Cookies are always easy and a hit, but I also like using Pound Cake. It travels well and very easy to dress up! Add Chocolate syrup, fruit or preserves!

Check out my Podcast with Marlo's Bakeshop on the topic! 

About the Author

After six years in the kitchen and many extraordinary events, Kellan has become more than a chef, he’s cooking up experiences. From small intimate dinner parties, cooking lessons, and family meals to large corporate bar-b-ques, beer dinners, and holiday soirées, the Kitchen has it covered. Kellan and crew are not just cooks and servers, they’re hosts, cocktail gurus, and burgeoning sommeliers. With a focus always on the food, Kellan’s Kitchen also pays great attention to hosting, vibe, comfort and the vision of the host. Everyone must walk out with a smile, full belly, and sometimes a nice buzz.