Summer Cooking - The Grill

All photos from - Shea Evans Photography

Cooking during the Summer is one of the best and tastiest things about the season. It is a great opportunity to move the kitchen outside, eat wonderful fresh produce, and utilize the greatest tool of the Summer, the BBQ. 

I love grilling season. The open flame grill is such a versatile tool for cooking. It produces a canvas that can provide a higher amount of heat and surface area than your average stovetop.  It is a vessel that is very easy to clean and manage, and also provides an impromptu gathering area for guests.  And, who doesn't love a few char lines on their food?! 

When I grill, I like to utilize it for most of my dishes. In addition to proteins, I like to grill all kinds of items. Ranging from your more standard vegetables like Corn and Peppers, to fresh fruit like Peaches and Melons, even dessert items like Angel Food and Pound Cake. 

Here are a few pointers for your Grill:

• Get your grill HOT prior to grilling - A pre-heated grill will produce the best grill marks, and also makes it easier to scrape the grill clean before cooking.

• Variable Heat -  Be sure to designate a portion of your grill area to be on the 'colder' side. This will allow you to cook items slower and longer without overcooking and burning. 

• Pre-determine your cooking times - Items with longer grilling times should be cooked first (Chicken, bone-in proteins, root vegetables, corn, etc). Then items that have resting times (any red meat, peppers, broccoli, etc). And finally items cooked just before serving (asparagus, seafood, bread, fruit). 

• Foil is your friend. Use for covering and keeping items warm. Or spreading onto the grill so smaller cut items won't fall through. And also useful as a landing zone for cooked items. *Wrap your buns, bread vessels in foil and throw them on top of the food for easy warming! 

• Get your tools ready ahead of time. Tongs, forks, spatulas, foil pans, and anything you will need pre/post cooking. This also could include a cold beverage and a Koozy! 

Check out some fun and easy recipes below to get you 'fired up' for grilling season!

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