How Does Smoking Affect Your Eating Habits
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How Does Smoking Affect Your Eating Habits

Alycia Gordan
over 2 years ago

Cigarette smoking has many negative effects on the human body. But the concern for most people is the life-threatening effects of smoking like heart disease, lung cancer, and emphysema. What some people don’t know is that smoking affects appetite and eating habits.

Typically, smoking is associated with the suppression of appetite. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why some people smoke. Some individuals use smoking as a tool for losing weight. When some long-term smokers quit, they are faced with weight gain prospects. But, how smoking affects your eating habits depends on your physiology and behavior.

The weight of some smokers is less than that of nonsmokers. However, this is not the case for all smokers. In some people, smoking leads to high food intake and subsequent obesity.

Smoking Causes Dissatisfaction with Some Foods

One of the reasons why some smokers turn to use some best vape mods instead of smoking is their dissatisfaction with foods. Usually, smokers have the same expectations about food with non-smokers. They feel hungry and want to enjoy a full meal. Unfortunately, some smokers don’t feel satisfied with the eating process. They don’t enjoy eating or feel satisfied after eating the way non-smokers feel.

This can be attributed to a significant heartburn onset. Basically, smoking leads to an increase in the bile amount in the stomach. This causes heartburn in some smokers and dissatisfaction with some foods.

Smoking Affects Appetite

In most cases, smoking is not something occasional. Unfortunately, it does not take long for a smoker to become addicted to the active ingredient of cigarette, nicotine. Among the side effects of this ingredient is appetite loss. One study conducted in 2004 established that smoking lessens mice appetite by 30 percent.

Essentially, nicotine is responsible for appetite suppression. It affects the central nervous system and the brain of a smoker. People that smoke feels fuller thereby eating less. That’s because nicotine alters hypothalamus receptors that are involved in satiety and hunger. Additionally, nicotine cravings can increase as a person eats. This can reduce their food intake further if a smoker stops eating to light a cigarette.

Nicotine Can Boost Appetite

Smoking does not suppress appetite in every smoker. In fact, the opposite occurs in some cases. Research indicates that though there is a tendency for light smokers to eat and have low weight than nonsmokers, it’s possible for the opposite to be true with heavy smokers. According to research, there is a correlation between the symptoms of metabolic syndrome and heavy smoking. Such symptoms include abdominal obesity and insulin resistance. Additionally, further studies have shown that cigarettes and food cravings can have similar metabolic basis especially in people that are already at the risk of being obese.

Smoking Cigarettes Dulls the Taste Buds

Perhaps, this may be a major reason why some smokers may turn to use the best vape mod. Basically, smoking has the potential to affect taste buds’ shape and impair the taste sense of the smoker. This can make food feel less palatable.

Researchers have established that the tongues of smokers have flatter taste buds than the taste buds on the nonsmokers’ tongues. In this study, smoking and nonsmoking Greek soldiers’ taste buds were examined. The researchers found that taste buds of the smoking soldiers were flatter than those of non-smoking soldiers. The study also established that blood supply to both the mount and tongue was less in smoking soldiers than in nonsmoking soldiers.

What’s more, smoking supplies nicotine to the brain. This suppresses or alters the ability of a smoker to taste different flavors. Reduction in blood supply to the smoker’s mouth and tongue further leads to the dulling effects on the taste buds. But, when a person stops smoking, they regain the lost ability to taste. Thus, foods taste better.

Smoking Affects Sugary Foods Cravings

Some people buy vape mod kits when they intend to quit smoking because they want to continue receiving their daily dose of nicotine. That’s because they believe that quitting or reducing their smoking rate will lead to weight gain. Nicotine increases pulse rate and blood pressure. It also affects food movement in the digestive tract. This decreases continuous food intake.

Additionally, the eating habit of a smoker is modified by the nervous system. This adds to the reduced food consumption. Nicotine can affect insulin to a level of reducing sugary foods cravings. Research has also shown that hunger diminishes because of the adrenaline hormone’s effect on the stomach. Thus, smoking affects hormones in the body and this affects hunger and sugary foods cravings.

Smoking Cessation and Weight Gain

Some people continue to smoke because they don’t want to gain weight after ending their addictive behavior. But, though many people gain weight after they quit smoking, not everybody does. Some people gain weight after they quit smoking due to a slower metabolism. Although it has not been proven scientifically yet, quitting smoking has a link with weight gains. Perhaps, this can be attributed to the fact that people that quit smoking abruptly turn to overeat as a compensatory behavior.

Inactive individuals are likely to increase their eating and this can lead to weight gain. Additionally, suppression of appetite in most smokers can be accompanied by a transient metabolic rate increase after quitting smoking. What’s more, the dulling effects of smoking on the taste buds will end once a person stops smoking. This means food will taste better and this can compel an individual to eat more.

But, this shouldn’t be a reason for not quitting the smoking habit. Because slower metabolism and compensatory behaviors are the major causes of weight gain, you can eat less and exercise more. This will enhance the rate at which the body burns calories thereby reducing the chances of gaining more weight after quitting.

The Bottom Line

Smoking destroys the smoker’s ability to taste and enjoy different foods. It can also affect your cravings for sugary foods. This can lead to other problems like unhealthy body weight. This combined with the fact that smoking affects almost every body organ is a major reason why a person may invest in the most expensive vape mod. Vaping can eliminate some harmful elements from tobacco smoke thereby minimizing its effect on the body.

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