Simple Pleasures: Pesto Gruyere Egg Toastie
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Simple Pleasures: Pesto Gruyere Egg Toastie


Breakfast sandwiches are undoubtedly one of my favorite things to eat when I want something a little more decadent in the mornings. It's usually a treat to eat something heavy like that, maybe on a weekend or on vacation. But even on those special occasions, I get a little tired of the same old thing. Breakfast sandwiches are usually composed of an egg, some kind of meat (sausage, ham, bacon or prosciutto) and finally some melted cheese. 

Well some days, I want something a bit more satisfying than oatmeal or a light scramble but don't want something as heavy as a full breakfast sandwich with the works. And so one morning, I'm home scrounging through my fridge thinking of what to make before I rush off to work. I end up concocting a Pesto Gruyere Egg Grilled Cheese Toastie. 

I had gotten the pesto gruyere cheese from Trader Joe's knowing this cheese is going to melt beautifully in grilled cheese or even make some amazing Mac and Cheese with a twist. But on this particular morning, I felt inspired to use this cheese in my breakfast sandwich. And to make it a bit more guiltless, I used the the Sprouted Wheat bread from Trader Joe's. 

I layered the cheese and fried up two eggs and made essentially a grilled cheese sandwich with eggs.

 I also doused some hot sauce in the sandwich before grilling it because I like it hot.

And my god, something as simple as combining a simple grilled cheese with some fried eggs  turned out to be just the right thing. Sometimes its the simple pleasures that hit the spot.

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