Seven Scrumptious Snickerdoodles to Swoon Over
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Seven Scrumptious Snickerdoodles to Swoon Over

Every year for the holidays, a family friend baked and gifted us with a few dozen perfect snickerdoodles. These fell into my "just one more" category.

It seems I am not alone in enjoyment of these treats. There are as many snickerdoodle variations as there are people who like them. Here are seven of my favorites.

I transformed the easy, basic cookie into even easier chocolate turtle snickerdoodle bars.

Homemade chocolate turtles are for sure the best (and cutest) toppers, but mini Snickers bars work really well in a pinch.

You can always indulge in a snickerdoodle breakfast, too. Perfect for autumn (or any other season), these snickerdoodle pancakes from Well Floured are a treat. I am a fan of cinnamon sugar on French toast, so these cinnamon-delight snickerdoodle pancakes sound delicious. My son usually requests waffles for his family birthday celebration, but maybe we could substitute these snickerdoodle pancakes next time. Of course, we will have to sample them several times first!

An over-indulgent breakfast complement would be some snickerdoodle hot cocoa on a freezing cold winter's day. For Cathy Trochelman of Lemon Tree Dwelling, this white chocolate treat is a big reward for bundling up to play outside with her kids in the snow. When her children are older, the promise (or bribe) of this cocoa when they come in might just let her stay inside by the fire.

If you look in your pantry and sadly find no cinnamon, lemon doodles from The Redhead Baker could be the perfect solution. 

Or, picture yourself biting into a warm snickerdoodle with an apple cider flavor and a surprise inside. Ooey gooey melted caramel suddenly titillates your taste buds. These heavenly caramel apple cider snickerdoodles come from Mother Thyme.

I like to experiment with different flavor profiles, so both of these are on my "to do" list. Take note if you are a St. Louis family member or friend. I may decide to share!

Cathy, our white chocolate aficionado, has a clever use for leftover white chocolate dipped snickerdoodle cookies. I can't imagine any being left over long enough to try this, but you could always just bake a few extra. In this recipe, cookies go into both the snickerdoodle fudge and on top as a topping. You could even take the liberty of adding the special ingredient to your favorite regular chocolate fudge recipe for another treat. A piece or two of this fudge could be just the solution for an insatiable sweet tooth.

Since we started with chocolate, it's a good place to end, too. Chocolate abd chocolate chip snickerdoodle donuts with a chocolate glaze = a triple chocolate treat. Melanie Makes's creation is a different form and texture than snickerdoodle cookies, but keeps the basic flavor we love.

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