What makes a restaurant stand out?
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What makes a restaurant stand out?

Alycia Gordan
over 1 year ago

Dinners have countless options to choose from in 2019, owing to several restaurant openings and the quest to exoticism. The competitive market of restaurants has grown since ever before, and restaurateurs need to come up with uniqueness to make a place in every foodie’s heart. Here, we will give you a guide to making your restaurant stand out.

Guide to make your restaurant stand out

The following tips will help you make your restaurant stand out among others:

1. Work on the windows

Windows don’t have to mean literal windows that you don’t see through when shut. Windows here mean the outer appearance of your restaurant that attracts people at first glance.

Have you ever walked past a store and found the appearance intriguing? It does make a lot of difference in making people feel welcomed.

You must put effort into doing up your space with the right kind of décor to make it look attractive. Add musical notes, curtains, colors, and relate it to the theme.

2. Create a theme

Depending on what you plan to serve, you will choose your theme. Think about the most exotic possibilities or go down to the roots.

Work on aspects like the origin of a particular cuisine or try to give a specific style of your own, as they can both click – you have to stick to what you think is best. Themes always help people connect as it reflects through the furnishing, the ambiance, and then the food.

3. Offer unique drinks

On one end, you cannot ignore the constant craving for craft beer and wine tastings. On the other end, you also have to consider people who want to taste different drinks.

Restaurateurs must consider trying new recipes for both soft and hard drinks. You can always mix drinks like vodka, tequila, and gin with different kinds of flavors. Trying these will flock in people who are still open to trying new cocktails.

You should also make your drinks look attractive – it could be the color of the fluid, the decoration, or even glasses. Making your servings look edible leaves an impression.

4. Keep chef’s specials dishes on the menu

Just as much as drinks are essential, the chef’s unique dishes are imperative too. For example, a place like Ray’s in the City has exclusive seafood dishes made by their top chefs. You cannot get the same kind of recipe anywhere else.

There are chances that people fall in love with your exclusive dishes and want to come back to you again. You must add something different from others to make yourself stand out.

5. Make food look presentable

Most people tend to take a picture of their food and upload it online. You might not have an Instagram account for your restaurant, but the name might already have hashtags with pictures of your dishes.

Food should not only be attractive for making it social media-friendly but also to make viewers take an interest in you. You also need to think about what makes your food look good enough to make a customer take a picture and upload.

You need to make the customer like it enough to take a picture and give you an indirect marketing probability. This lets you retain a customer who’d love to come back again and also make way for new customers.

6. Hire great staff

Your aesthetic details can quickly overshadow if your guests get terrible service while they’re eating at your restaurant. Since this is about people, emotions, and human skills, and you need to be extra cautious about who you hire.

Having staff that can risk your reputation can be extremely damaging. You need to have friendly and patient staff that serves people right. He must know his job, have the right skills, and also communicate well.

Food makes people explore different emotions that start right from the presentation, touches the tastebud, and then goes into the stomach. People want to have pleasant experiences when they eat, so you must try and make it as memorable as possible.

7. Use digital perks

Most restaurants tend to have their smartphone app to make bookings, reservations, cancellation, and more. You must have an app and offer discounts, updates about new dishes, offers, and so on.

You also need to tie up with apps that help people look for restaurants and have your details listed there. Consider tying up with apps that deliver food to make it reach out to more people than the ones who dine in. These will keep you ahead and let people quickly find information about what you serve.

Final thoughts

Try out these tips to make your restaurant stand out and stress more on exclusivity. From the décor to what you bring on the plate, everything must speak of you to increase the number of repeat customers.

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