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Quest for the Best Brunch in Dallas - Top 6
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Quest for the Best Brunch in Dallas - Top 6

Published over 1 year ago

...because who has time for breakfast or lunch?  Breakfast starts too early, and by the time I wake up (8am) and get the family ready, it's two hours later and almost lunch!  Sometimes going out the night before doesn't help my early morning food intake efforts either.  So where do you go for that delicious void when you're running out of time, and places STOP serving ooey gooey and savory items?!  I'll list my top 6 go-to brunch spots; some with awesome patios and others are hidden gems:


1.  Dream Cafe Dallas

I truly enjoyed this spot after a light jog with the little one.  This breakfast was over-the-top delicious.  From our wee-one's plate to the man of the house.  We ordered the strawberry french toast, way to condition (oatmeal side), and huevos rancheros.  This place is in uptown Dallas in case you would like to venture for some fresh eats.  If you have little ones, this is a perfect patio spot.  There is another one in Addison, TX.

2.  La Duni Restaurant

There is this latin restaurant off McKinney Avenue in Dallas that has an interesting mix of brunch choices.  I'm going to venture and say this was the best latin infused breakfast i've had in a while.  I ordered huevos, but was laser focused on their dessert spread.  Just feast your eyes (seriously) on this table and tell me you wouldn't come here just for this?!  The bakery at La Duni has some amazing creations and during the holidays a lot of fun events (breakfast with Santa).

3.  BuzzBrews Dallas

I think my husband is on a never-ending quest to find the perfect huevos rancheros.  I am pretty sure I have enough content to write a whole blog about it.  That's for another story.  BuzzBrews is another nice little patio spot that has legit options to choose from.  It get's pretty hot during the summer on any patio, and this particular dat was pretty excruciating, BUT all you have to do is order some Holykombucha and you are SO good to go!

4.  Modern Market

Hey girl hey!  Do you need a quick and tasty brunch?  Look no further!  I will say this place is a little hit or miss, BUT if you order the market scramble or the chili+eggs plate, then everything will be all right.  The chili is made every day and was extremely fresh when it was served.  I go back to this place just to buy the chili.  Another restaurant that has ample patio space for letting loose.

5.  El Jordan Cafe

If you want omelette action, visit El Jordan Cafe in Oak Cliff.  Pretty real Mexican food.  Definitely authentic and worth the time spent finding parking.  Typical Mexican breakfast with a Jarrito on the side!

6.  Jonathon's Oak Cliff

I really did save this one for last.  Jonathon's holds a special place in my heart, because they made me come to understand how Chicken and Waffles came to be.  The juiciness and savory spices of chicken, mixed with the sweet and fluffy taste of waffles.  Okay, i'm drooling.  Not so fast though!  I've tried every item on this menu, so I have a slew of menu items I could recommend.  Pictured here in particular is the The Kure.  What a righteous name right?!  The Kure is as follows: house made biscuit, topped with bacon, pork, and cheddar scrambled eggs.  The plate comes with the eggs smothered in tabasco gravy, but I had a feeling it was going to be incredibly spicy.  Good thing I ordered it on the side because it was too much for me to handle (and I love spicy, just not tabasco on eggs spicy).  My favorite was the refreshing taste of the pico de gallo mixed in.  I LOVE THIS DISH.

As a side note, you will need to arrive when these places FIRST start serving brunch to avoid the crowds and get good seating.

Let me know your thoughts on some of these places or dishes if you've tried them, I would love to hear!

Dream Cafe,
La Duni Latin Cafe,
BuzzBrews Lemmon,
Modern Market,
El Jordan Cafe,
Jonathon's Oak Cliff

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