Is A Pricey Las Vegas Casino Resort Restaurant Worth The Money?
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Is A Pricey Las Vegas Casino Resort Restaurant Worth The Money?

Alycia Gordan
11 months ago

Is A High Price Las Vegas Casino Resort Restaurant Worth the Price?

Las Vegas is a town that is synonymous with gambling, thanks to all of the casino and sports betting options that come with flashing lights and endless entertainment. And with all of the entertainment in the city, it is no surprise that there are plenty of restaurants for visitors to indulge in while they are there. But is it worth going to a high-price restaurant at a Las Vegas resort or casino worth it? The reasons why it might not be could surprise you.

Surprise surcharges

The biggest reason that going to a restaurant in Las Vegas isn’t worth it could make some people want to just play online roulette at home instead of coming to the city in the first place. That reason is the addition of surcharges and fees to bills that are explained as taxes and other mandatory additions to the bill in many locations. However, those additional charges are not mandatory at all, to the point that diners are able to have them removed from their bills if they object to them strongly enough.

These additions to a bill aren’t normally prohibitive. In fact, they are usually only somewhere around an extra 5% of the total on a bill. But on a big meal with the company, that can add up in a big way. More importantly, it can at the very least plant seeds of doubt in the mind of a customer about the overall integrity of the restaurant that they are patronizing. If a restaurant can add voluntary surcharges at will and explain it as mandatory to keep customers from protesting in many cases, what else could they do to nickel and dime their consumers?

Restaurants make up an industry that requires the trust of the customer more than just about any other, as customers trust a restaurant to prepare the food that they ingest. Given the trust that goes into the relationship between restaurant and customer, decisions like this can tarnish that trust before a customer even picks an item off of the menu. And that could make the entire act of going to a Las Vegas restaurant not worth it for some.

Quality versus price

Another way in which a high-price Las Vegas restaurant might not be worth it is the quality of the food at those establishments. That isn’t to say that there aren’t plenty of high-quality restaurants to be found in and around Las Vegas. But for those who are looking for freshness in the food they eat, there is an inherent concern with going to the restaurants in this city.

That main concern is that Las Vegas is located in the desert, which means that there aren’t exactly ample food sources nearby. This means that food needs to be delivered into Vegas from several sources. And while the food that is served to restaurant customers in Las Vegas is obviously in great shape, those who prefer the freshest possible culinary options may not be able to find them in this city but will still pay a premium price at many area restaurants.

Sushi is a great example of this conundrum, as it typically comes with mixed reviews in Las Vegas. The reason for this is obvious, as there are no sources for fish close by, meaning that fish needs to be brought in from the West coast. And while many sushi restaurants do a great job of serving this fish, patrons are unlikely to get their money’s worth in quality as compared to a sushi spot on one of the coasts.

There are plenty of Las Vegas restaurants that do an incredible job of serving their customer's great food. But when it comes to the high-priced restaurants in town, there are some reasons to give them a second thought.

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