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Perfect Pizza Picks: San Francisco Edition

We all know that New York takes the cake (or pie!) in terms of pizza, but San Francisco definitely puts up a good fight. Pizza selections run the gamut from drunk slices at your favorite 2 a.m. spot (Golden Boy Pizza) to delicious gourmet custom pies (Delarosa), or deep dishes if you're feeling saucy (Little Star Pizza), to restaurants with not-so-traditional toppings like goat cheese-rosemary-lemon and cooked clams, and everything in between.


In this post, I'll share a few of my favorite pizza places that would satisfy any pizza paramour. 

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Taken from Yelp

Goat Hill Pizza: Various Locations in SF — Sourdough and San Francisco go hand in hand, so put sourdough and pizza together, you'll have a happy marriage! This is by far the best sourdough pizza in SF because each bite brings you that *crunch*. The dough is soft and delicious and the toppings are plentiful. Go to any of the three locations to grab a quick slice or order for delivery. Pro tip: they have gluten free crust!

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Fiorella: 2339 Clement St — Do you want perfectly burnt crust that comes crisp out of a wood fired oven? Better yet, add some appetizers and custom cocktails to that, and you'll have a perfect brunch or date night situation. This gem in The Richmond District would get the nod from any Bay Area native with its interior that has Bay Area legends from wall to wall. The decor is cool/modern and the service is amazing. If you're looking for a friendly atmosphere paired with tasty a tasty menu, this is your place.
Pro tip: order their wood fired octopus on the dinner menu.

Taken from Yelp

Patxi's Pizza: Various locations in California — I've never been to Chicago so I don't know if their pizza can be considered authentic Chicago deep dish, but it's definitely a great place to eat or bring your family. Loaded with sauce and cheese, I guarantee that a slice or two will have you stuffed. If we're talking about flavor and convenience, I'd recommend Patxi's since there's currently five locations in SF. Pro tip: a 10" pizza will last for days!

Fiorella Clement
Goat Hill Pizza
Patxi's Pizza

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The granddaughter of immigrants turned restaurateurs, Tiffany is a first-generation San Francisco native with a passion for food, yummies, and all the noms. She has a video series on her YouTube channel called "Delicious Diary" that features her favorite eats in and around her hometown. She's no expert, but she sure has good taste!