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Your Perfect Night In Every LA Hood

In a city where it's the norm to jump in a car to get down the block, we've planned many a night on the simple principle of location -- where can we go with enough options so we don't have to spend half the time in transit (#buzzkill)? Below, we have thought out a few fully packed nights (for guaranteed fun) in various LA 'hoods to help streamline the process.



Drinks | Mama Shelter Rooftop - With a 360 view of LA, this fiesta inspired rooftop with daybeds and reasonably priced drinks is one of our faves. With a guaranteed front row view of the Sunset, can you say helloooo photo ops?

Dinner | Paley - There is a reason this new spot is the talk of the town. You don't want to be late to the game do you? Highly recommend the Foie Gras Mousse with Apricots to wet your palette. 

Dancing | Spare Room - Complete with boardgames, a bowling alley, carefully curated cocktails and a DJ, Spare Room is our fave of the many options in The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and one of the few places where you can opt for a chill night or party 'til close. 

Hamachi Crudo @ Paley


Drinks | L.P. Rooftop Bar - While we're not a fan of the food here, this rooftop rests on some prime real estate in Weho and serves up an extensive cocktail list with a full section dedicated to "Rooftop Rose" -- sign us up! Not to mention the crowd provides for some great people watching...

Dinner | Zinque - One of our fave Weho spots with both an outdoor patio and indoor seating options, Zinque is the perfect spot for a date, group dinner or any excuse to celebrate. With a combination of shared plates, delicious salads and the best "tartines" in town, you have the choice to be healthy or a little naughty -- after all, we're not trying to inhale a burger before getting our groove on. Note: they only serve beer and wine; maybe that's a good thing?

Dancing | The Nice Guy - Whether you're trying to dance, get a flawless photo booth pic, grub on some late night pizza or just see some beautiful people, The Nice Guy is always the right choice. Just make sure you can get in before you set your sights here. 

Tuna Tartare Tartine @ Zinque


Drinks | Cafe Stella - We have to admit that we're super fans of Cafe Stella for dinner too but in an effort to contain ourselves, we'll focus on drinks. With a casual bar and patio below the main restaurant, this is your perfect place to sip on some rose and unwind before your night begins. Just note, hipster sightings are a given.

Dinner | Sawyer - From oysters to popovers to fried crab sandwiches, indoor seating to a cute outside patio, you can pretty much find whatever you're looking for here; it's the perfect stop to break up your night and coat your stomach.

Dancing | The Echo - Whether you want live music, a photobooth or to just get down with some friends, push past the hipsters and get your groove on.  

Downstairs Patio @ Cafe Stella


Drinks | Perch - Can you tell we have a thing for rooftop bars? We can rooftop all year long in this city, so jump on it.

Dinner | Bar Ama - This fancy take on Mexican always hits the spot and their fancy take on guac is not to be missed. 

Dancing | The Ace Rooftop - Simply put, the Ace people just know what's up. And this spot has been and will always be a hot one.

Rooftop Relaxing at L.P.


Drinks | Strand Bar at The Stand House - Nothing beats a strong drink with the sound of waves in the background and the most killer view in town.

Dinner | Love & Salt- This menu is one of the best in the City of Angels. Well worth the drive from any part of town. Honestly, if we lived down south they'd get sick of seeing us and we'd get sick from eating pizza on a daily basis.

Dancing | Shellback Tavern - By the time your'e ready for Shellback, you will be lining up your fanta shots and not even paying attention to the sticky floors and overheated small space. 

Our Fave Duck Egg Pizza @ Love & Salt


Drinks | Ester's Wine Bar - While you shouldn't waste your money on the food, you can't really go wrong with a casual setting for some fine wine to start your Westside night.

Dinner | Cassia - Next door to Ester's you'll find this huge restaurant where you'll want to try everything on the menu -- and you should (especially the seafood platter and clay over breads and spreads)

Dancing | The Chestnut Club - Whether you mean to or not, for some reason most SM nights take you to Chestnut Club. We can't really say what's so special about this place other than guys seem drawn to it and after drinks and dinner, girls seem drawn to that in itself. 

The Laksa  @ Cassia


Drinks | The Other Room - One of the original Venice bars, Other Room is always the right choice. Grab one drink, stay a while, you always leave feeling better than when you walked in (completely unrelated to the drinks - we promise)

Dinner | Gjelina - If you can get a rez or don't mind the hour wait, Gjelina is worth every penny and second. The coolest crowd, the best food (hello fine Italian cuisine), and an ambiance to match, we only wish we didn't have to trek all the way to Venice to get our cravings satiated.

Dancing | James' Beach - This classic restaurant turns up for the party once the dinner crowd finishes up. And if you’re a late night munchie type of person (the best people are) you can always get their famous fish tacos.

Cocktail Situation @ Gjelina

Whether you love or hate our ideas, you've got to admit that we saved you some money on Uber and for that, you're welcome.

So, drinks on you?

Alex and Alie

Mama Shelter
The Spare Room
The Nice Guy
Cafe Stella
Bar Amá
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Love & Salt
Shellback Tavern
Esters Wine Shop & Bar
The Chestnut Club
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James' Beach

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