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Everything Nashville (Before 4pm)

Memorial Day Weekend is apparently the weekend for bachelor and bachelorette parties so right away we were signed up for a great time. We arrived at Hutton Hotel whose staff was unreal kind and attentive to everything we might need the entire weekend. Using the hotel as our homebase, it was easy enough to walk to most places we wanted to be, and a quicker Uber ride. The hotel also provides a shuttle service free of charge and welcomed us with artisan sweets. Needless to say, we were happy campers.

So, with our HQ in downtown Nashville, we headed out to eat, as only we know best in a new city.

Looking for coffee? (Obviously.)

Steadfast Coffee has this unreal coffee soda. Not nitrobrew, coffee soda with an orange peel. And it is wonderful and stands out among one of the best coffees I've ever had.

Barista Parlor again blew me away. The whiskey caramel latte or even just an iced latte are smooth, refreshing and you believe that the baristas take their skill as an artform.

And it KILLS ME I don't have a shot from Frothy Monkey. Hoooollyy Moly. These flavors are crazy vivid and equally delicious. Anything you try will extract immediate reactions of joy to your face. Swear it.

Time for Brunch

Little Octopus, man oh man, you are wonderful. Every single bite had a different pop of flavor and coated the pallet. I legitimately could not stop eating far beyond being full. The interior is a sight on its own.  A vintage feel, accents of rose gold reflected back to pink plush couches and stark white marble tables and walls in contrast. Even to pass the time in the rain, we would've been happy sticking around all afternoon in the sun drenched back dining area thanks to a full skylight.

A short walk away from the hotel is Hattie B's and Tavern. The menu at Tavern all day is killer. Brunch of Singapore Stir Fry, sunny side up eggs, thick sliced bacon and sweet and spicy soy mixed with soft rice -- the Pain Perdu, challah french toast wrench toast fried with a frosted flake crust and rocky road crust. Goodness me. And an absolute must have, the Tavern burger which literally melts away in your mouth.

On Sundays, Hattie B's Hot Fried Chicken offers chicken and waffles, but you better wake up early to hurry up and wait. The lines will wrap around the restaurant and down the block for a couple minutes enjoying the juicy fried chicken.

Last on this list but certainly not the least, is Pinewood Social.

This industrial chic spot boasts a large dining area with a wrap around bar smack dab in the middle with a retro coffee shop to one side and a bowling alley to the back. Not convinced yet? The cocktails are creative and bright and each meal is balanced so that each crunch has a soft counterpart, each sweet note has a savory one. The restaurant also does house made ice cream with local milk. Slap one of those scoops onto a skilled double chocolate cookie and you are set.

Hattie B's Hot Chicken - Midtown Nashville, TN
Barista Parlor
Steadfast Coffee
Barista Parlor Golden Sound
Barista Parlor x Germantown
Frothy Monkey

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