Mexico City Taco Tour

The taco. One of the worlds most iconic, and in my opinion, perfect foods. It's small, easy to eat, and damn tasty. I was fortunate enough to spend some time in what could be considered the epicenter of the taco and all Mexican food. Mexico City should be on every foodie's list. It has an abundance street food that rivals South East Asia, incredible fine dining, and scenic cobblestone streets that provide a perfect setting to walk off every meal.  Below is a shortlist of my somewhat self guided Taco Tour of Mexico City. We had some local insight and guides on our first day (Thanks Maya!) that really set the tone for this epic trip. Without further adieu... The Taco Tour. 

Mercado Sullivan - Located in the San Rafael neighborhood this market is bustling on Sundays. It's somewhat tucked away from the Tourist areas of the Paseo de Reforma, but worth the google search, especially if it is Sunday. Sit yourself down at one of the many stalls and get ready for some serious flavors. We found ourselves at one of the spots specializing in long tortillas. All being made right in front of us on a giant Plancha. We had a good variety of Bisteca (steak), Huitlacoche (corn fungus, a delicacy), and my favorite of the day Chorizo y Papas. Not to take away from the incredible savory flavors of the fillings, the fresh corn tortillas were drool worthy. It's difficult to explain the taste of a perfect tortilla. But, when it needs nothing; no salt, fat, protein, or salsa, you know you've hit a new level. These did just that. But, I was very happy stuffing my face with tortillas filled with Chorizo and fresh Oaxaca cheese.

Califa - This is a mini chain of restaurants around the city. And, I wouldn't give it long before we might see one of these pop up in the Southern states. This place was so good, we went back a few days later. Their menu literally translates to "The Taco Bible." Boasting well over 15-20 different permutations of the taco, your decision on which one(s) to get are going to be tough. Luckily, I had some help. I love some Al Pastor (BBQ'd Pork), so we got a few of those, as well as an array of beef choices, Castillo (shoulder), and Rib-Eye. What stood out so much was the flavors in the tacos were so intense, yet the composition was so simple. Literally a thin slice of meat on a tortilla almost knocked me out of my chair with how delicious it was. Salivating now as I write this. It hardly needed any salsa, lime, or salt. I ordered a few more just so I could test the depths of flavor by enhancing with small amounts of lime and salsa. This place will be my first stop next time I visit. Oh, and its 24 hours. I mean... c'mon. 

El Huequito - Located in the heart of downtown, this place has become so popular that it expanded its small closet operation into 2 full dine-in restaurants. And, deservedly so because the Al Pastor might have been the best of my trip. Super juicy, and extremely flavorful, the pork on the Al Pastor was melt in your mouth good.  Not to be shown up, the chicharrones additions were a outstanding. 

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