A Meal in the Moment—No Phones Allowed
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A Meal in the Moment—No Phones Allowed

about 2 years ago

“Two rules: take off your shoes and give me your phone.” Those are the first words an ÓLaVie diner hears upon entering our space. Most reply with annoyance or hesitation and most likely begin wondering if we are going to take them hostage. Or perhaps worse, never give them back their technology.

Our society is addicted. We have all fallen prisoner to the ever-expanding grasp of technology. We swipe right to marry, we DM to introduce, we “catch up” through our Instagram posts, and the world is no longer seen through our eyes, but instead through the lenses of our phones. We are no longer present.

Each diner nervously sits through the first ten minutes of cocktail hour making small talk, while the gaping weight of an empty pocket crowds their thoughts. The crutch of their phone is gone. It’s as if they are missing a limb.

Through fidgets and beads of sweat, the superficial discourse quickly escalates into discussion of hidden beaches off the southwest coast of Mexico, the realities of a missed connection, and the co-existing energies of our universe. Slowly, the longing for a scroll through Instagram’s pyramid of envy dissipates. The diners find themselves fully in the moment.

ÓLaVie creates an environment where technology is not allowed, but more importantly, not needed. The words spoken across the table are in the present, said aloud, with conviction. There is no time for hesitation and thought as there is when sending a text message. The relationships fostered are through shaken hands, instead of notifications from a stranger with six mutual friends. The meals placed on the table are remembered solely through the taste that lingers on each diners tastebuds and the arrangement of garnish thoughtfully designed to seduce the palette. The goal is authenticity and a restoration of the beauty that existed in a time where the temptations of technology didn’t exist.

Technology has excelled our society into an extraordinary state of discovery and advancement. Social media has allowed us to connect to a network of individuals dispersed throughout the world. Robots have reduced the burden of manual labor. Diseases have been cured and research has led to cutting-edge discoveries. Technology has been good to us. But when it comes to the dinner table, change is needed.

Millennials thrive in the pureness of a Saturday night among inspiring individuals without the distractions of the rest of the world at their fingertips. When the night comes to an end, each diner admits that they have completely forgotten about their phone. Some are satisfied leaving only with the memories of the night, while their phone remains unused in a nondescript pot under the bar cart.

About the Author

ÓLaVie is a community of individuals created through shared stories, meaningful connections, and three seasonal, locally sourced courses of the highest quality. ÓLaVie brings initial strangers—inspiring people from extraordinary backgrounds—together in a space where interaction is not constrained by the ever-expanding distraction of modern day technology. Words are spoken out loud, eye contact is made, memories replace photographs, and by the end of the meal contact information is exchanged, on paper. ÓLaVie proves the importance of human interaction. Beyond the plate, ÓLaVie is an experience, and we hope to share it with you.