Hong Kong Style Cafe: Golden Lava HK French Toast
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Hong Kong Style Cafe: Golden Lava HK French Toast


Hong Kong Style Cafe : Cha Chan Tang

Our second stop for Breakfast Like a Local in Hong Kong is Cha Chan Tang. You can find these everywhere and it has an interesting mix of Western Style breakfast with a strong Cantonese flair. Breakfast usually comes in packages (A Meal, B Meal, C Meal) or you can choose from the long list of menu items covering, rice noodles, congee, eggs and toast, sandwiches, baked buns, etc.

A Meal would resemble something like this:

1 Small Baked Soft Bun with a slice of butter

Macaroni Soup with fried egg and spam

Choice of HK style Milk Tea, HK Style Coffee, or plain tea or coffee

B Meal may resemble something like this:

1 Slice of Toast with butter

Ramen with fried egg and hot dog

Choice of HK Style Milk Tea, HK style Coffee, or plain tea or coffee

C Meal may resemble something like this:

1 Baked Crisp Roll with Pork Chop

Beef Borscht with Macaroni

Choice of HK Style Milk Tea, Hk Style Coffee, or plain tea or coffee

A lot of people go with one of these meals, as it’s rather cheap, includes a few items, makes decision making easy and it’s just a habit. People here are creatures of habit when it comes to food and this is the epitome of comfort food. This time around however, I’m on a mission. I found a Cha Chan Tang known for their HK style french toast. It’s one of those instagram worthy spots that delivers when it comes to taste. Not just one of those things like that good on camera. It’s legitimately, a genius creation that isn’t just a fad. The french toast at Chau Kee in Sai Yin Pung is thinner than typical HK style toast but sandwiches molten goodness inside.

You can choose salted egg yolk lava, taro lava, black sesame lava. I can never turn down salted egg yolk lava. It’s got this distinct richness that is just out of this world.

You slice into the perfectly fried french toast and it explodes. The delicious salted egg yolk oozes out and you bite into it with the crisp sweet buttery bread. Yeeeess! Pair with with some Milk Tea and you are good to go.

I also added another item to complete my carb binge here. Their shrimp toast is famous as well for being loaded with shrimp. They are generous with the shrimp patty inside the bread and the top coated in a ton of sesame which makes this shrimp toast stand out. The sesame crust on top is incredibly crunchy with a hint of sesame fragrance and the shrimp inside is soft and fresh along with the thing bottom of the toast that is crispy without being oily. 

One bite of this salty concoction and another bite of the sweet egg yolk toast and you’ve got a party in your mouth. Sweet and salty, just how breakfast should be like:)

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