Need a Holiday Brunch Menu? Do I Have a Great One for You!
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Need a Holiday Brunch Menu? Do I Have a Great One for You!

Yes, indeed I do!  Holiday Brunch is one of my favorite meals to serve during the Holiday Season.  Can you think of anything better?  Getting away from all the hustle & bustle of the season, relaxing & celebrating with the people you enjoy the most over a fantastic meal that will surely put a smile on everyone's face.  It really doesn't get any better than that.  

Hopefully, I've convinced you to host one, or maybe you're already planning a Holiday Brunch?  Well, do I have the menu for you!  What do you think of Lobster Eggs Benedict served with sautéed baby spinach & warm truffle hollandaise?  Pretty decadent, huh?

Trust me, if you serve this ultimate Holiday Brunch dish, your guests will love you.  As a timesaver, I prep everything ahead of time, so all I have to do is toast, sauté, poach & blend...

...yes, I make the truffle hollandaise in my Vitamix...as this is a last-minute dish to prepare.  I also involve my guests in assembling the lobster eggs benedicts, which they love to do, as everyone likes helping in the kitchen!

Ok, I know what you are thinking, "That's too much work".  If it is, then consider this...how about making a Lobster Spinach Strata?  This brunch dish can be made ahead of time, which is great, so all you have to do is bake the strata that morning. 

I serve the strata with the warm hollandaise as well.  It's so good.  In addition, I roast sliced fingerling potatoes, make a salad of persimmon, grapefruit & pomegranate with a sprinkle of mint, & make Cranberry Cheesecake Puffs...

...which are the ultimate Holiday pastries!  They're delicious!  Store-bought puff pastry is filled with vanilla-scented cream cheese & cranberry sauce, then baked to rich, brown puffiness.  Yum. 

Now, every Holiday Brunch needs a cocktail.  In addition to "Bubbly", I serve Mimosa Martinis, which essentially is a Screwdriver with a generous splash of Champagne or Prosecco.  These cocktails are really tasty & festive this time of year.

I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season!  Be sure to make this menu...you will love it!  Cheers!