"Heritage & Innovation" Taste of China Awards 2019 Brings Together Industry Leaders & Asian Culinary Giants
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"Heritage & Innovation" Taste of China Awards 2019 Brings Together Industry Leaders & Asian Culinary Giants

The Taste of China Awards, hosted by Asia-Pacific Food Initiative and organized by CHIHUO, is both a celebration of the top Chinese Restaurants in the United States and an annual cross-cultural restaurant leadership summit devoted to promote food information sharing. This year, the event has successfully kicked off in San Francisco Bay on March 3, 2019 at San Carlos, CA.

Founder of Chi Huo, Ms Amy Duan (Left) and Co-Founder of Chi Huo, Ms Cosmo Hu (Right)

Now in its 2nd year, the leadership summit continues to bring together top level restaurant executives, professionals, industry leaders, food critics and media professionals, through providing the participants a platform to exchange insights on the latest restaurant industry trends, best marketing practices, technology and new opportunities. The line-up of this year’s panel speakers included Randall Grahm, the founder of Bonny Doon Vineyard, who shared his expertise on wine pairing with Chinese food. George Chen, executive chef and founder of China Live also shared his personal insights on the revolution of Chinese food in the United States dining scene and future challenges.

Building on this year’s summit theme “Heritage & Innovation: Expanding the Boundaries ”, panel discussion topics laid emphasis on the expansion of Asian restaurant brands in the United States market and global franchise opportunities. Kai Gong, CEO of Prime Plus Food Inc, who owns the brand Beijing Yogurt shared the history and development of the successful brand ; Johnson Fu, CEO & Founder of the famous Taiwanese dessert emporium, Meet Fresh, evaluated on the key factors in driving the company into a successful global dessert chain with 700 stores worldwide and discussed the company’s future expansion plan of opening up to 100 stores in United States within the next 5 years. Michael Yang, CEO of Redlands Management LLC, who owns the popular multinational Bubble Tea chain, ChaTime, and dessert chain, Hui Lau Shan, discussed on how finding the right brands which matches with the company’s values, culture and financial goals contributes to successful multi-brand franchising.

CEO of Prime Plus Food, Mr Kai Gong (Left) and CEO of Redlands Management, Mr Michael Yang (Right)

The Taste of China Awards event also included an award ceremony, recognizing restaurants who provide high-quality dining experience to their customers. Top prizes were presented to the best Chinese restaurants across 5 different cities – Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Seattle. Different award categories included Best Sichuan, Best Hunan, Best Taiwanese, Best Hotpot and Best Dessert. Winners were selected based on anonymous voting from restaurant critics and members of the general public. For the results on the Taste of China Awards, please visit www.tasteofchinaawards.com/awardsreveal/?lang=en.


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