Helpful food to stay focused
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Helpful food to stay focused

Alycia Gordan
over 1 year ago

Food is the fuel that organizes your energy and mode, both of which can significantly affect your attention. As soon as you should not put olive oil in your car, you should not put chocolate syrup to run in your body. Food is an incredible ability to influence your mental description, mode, memory, and ability. To focus, so if you want to focus your attention, one of the places you are starting to start is eating you. Below are 9 foods that will help you improve your attention. Here we have food variety to stay focused at here.


The study shows that blue barons are "concentration and memory" to increase up to five hours because "anti-oxides in your herbs [your] promote blood and oxygen flow in the brain and refresh the brain. Keep it. The blubbers also have "oxidants including anti-cocktail antigens, prothothocidenesis, restoration, and tennis", and when I do not even identify it, they know what they are; they focus on concentration and cancer. It is also shown to avoid disease and dimensions.

Green tea

Green tea helps you focus on two reasons: one, caffeine in it, and two, in it l'ineanine. There is no doubt that Caffeine helps you concentrate and improve your alert. Good. It covers. Ok, what hell It is an ingredient that has shown an "increase in the activity of alpha wave", which causes the caffeine to grow faster and slowly, which will destroy you. Two components also focus on "improving both speed and accuracy." If you are able to handle the cafe content, there is no brain in your introduction to green tea in your diet.


According to Web model, "every penis in the body depends on blood flow, especially heart and brain", and avocados "blood flow [increase brain], a simple and tasty way to burn brain cells." ". Avocados are also helpful with" is heavy fiber (11 to 17 grams per fusudia), which cope with starvation bulls. "

Lily green vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are full of anti-oxidants and cartoons, which promote your brain's strength and help, protect your mind. (A good, common tip: Vegetables are a leaf vegetable, better.) Lave is also full of green vegetables - vitamins, which are helpful to your memory, attention, and overall brain health and strength. “It also includes Poled, which is better in your mental explanation.

Fat fish

Omega-3 fatty acids contain thick/oily fish that contain "memory of a memory, mental performance, and behavioral function". People who are less in Omega-3 are likely to have "poor memory, mode swing, depression, and fatigue". To prove your concentration and mood, fish is also proven. The main source of fatty fish is "salon, trout, mechanical, herring, sardines, puzzles and empty".


If you want to improve your attention, you need to drink enough water. Water "gives the brain to brain that gives electrical energy to all brain functions including brain and memory processes", and it has been proven to help you "think faster, focus more, and more clearly And experience the creativity ".12 Each of your function depends on body water, so it is very important that you have enough.

Dark Chocolate

The main reason why dark chocolate helps us to focus because it is full of anti-oxidants Vitamin E.It also has other powerful anti-oxidants such as caffeine which helps us stay awake and focus on our work. Many studies have recently proved that consuming chocolate regularly helps the brain to function properly thanks to ingredients present in it such as cocoa which is a rich source of natural neuroprotective compounds.hey can also help in lowering your blood pressure and improve the blood flow from the heart to the brain. Remember to buy chocolates that are least processed and contain at least 70% of cocoa. The rule of thumb is the darker the chocolate, the healthier it is.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are small, brown or gold colored seeds grown on cooler regions throughout the world. Flax seeds are loaded with nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, and many minerals and vitamins all of which helps to focus. Flax seeds contain mucilage gum at high levels. Mucilage is a water-soluble gel-forming fiber with very positive effects on the digestive system. It prevents food from emptying too fast into your small intestine and increases nutrient absorption meaning you get the most out of the food you eat.


Broccoli is good for our body, we all are aware of that fact but it also contains a compound known as glucosinolates. When this compound breaks down in our body it produces isothiocyanates which help to reduce stress. It also helps to reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. Broccoli is also loaded with many important ingredients such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, iron, potassium.


Walnuts were known to very good for our heart but now many studies have proven that eating walnuts will improve not only your health but is also improve your brain, boost your brain memory and concentration.it is because walnut contain Good fats, Omega 3 fatty acids ( which also helps to keep our mood positive), Zinc, Iron, Vitamin E. Doctors suggest you should consume 1-3 ounce of walnuts daily which means around 7 walnuts daily. walnuts contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help in promoting mental alertness. Studies have shown that the Vitamin E present in walnuts can help in keeping Alzheimer’s disease at bay.


Many new studies will change your perception of Turmeric. It has been found in recent studies that turmeric can help you to keep your food fresh. One of the most important ingredients is curcumin which is considered an anti-inflammatory. It has been found that it can directly enter your brain and benefit the brain cells. There are also many benefits of turmeric such as it helps to grow brain cells, Eases depression and also boost our memory.

Olive oil

Extra virgin Olive oil is full of anti-oxidants which helps to boost our memory. The anti-oxidants which are present in Extra Virgin Olive oil are known as polyphenols. Many studies have recently proved that polyphenols help to improve our memory and enhance our leaning capability.

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