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Healthy NYC Dining Options for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
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Healthy NYC Dining Options for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

If you're anything like me, you broke that healthy New Year's resolution eight hours after toasting your champagne at midnight. But for those of us who have stuck to their guns (#bless) and made a true commitment to eating more protein, vegetables, and anything not found in Nutella-stuffed French toast, we've teamed up with our friends at New York Live to give you three trendy (and nutritious!) dining options. Check out the video below!

Breakfast: Cha Cha Matcha

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It's fun to say and and even more fun to drink. What makes Cha Cha Matcha a morning-time treat is its commitment to customization. Tea aficionados can choose between a variety of nut milks (macadamia is my favorite!) as well as health boosters like turmeric, collagen, and decaffeinated maca root. Stomach rumbling? Not a problem. The millennial pink joint also offers chia pudding, yogurt, and matcha-infused soft serve to quell any pesky a.m. cravings. 

Lunch: Good Stock

There aren't enough souper cheesy puns to relay our enthusiasm for Good Stock. The tiny West Village shop boasts a menu of 200+ recipes with nine varieties revolving on a typical day. It's their commitment to organic ingredients that also makes it a neighborhood gem, utilizing only the highest-quality fruits, vegetables, and meats to make a cup that's worthy of a spot on your weekly lunch rotation. 

Dinner: De Maria

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Even the most vegetable-averse diners will fall in love with this Nolita hot spot. From chicory and seaweed-packed salads to egg and salmon-topped grain bowls, every dish is not only lip-smacking delicious, but good for you. It's the perfect place to eat after a hot yoga class or intense sweat sesh at Barry's Bootcamp, washed down by one of their refreshing and spa-approved tonics. Yum!

Good Stock

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