Five Hand Pies that Will Make You Skip the Pie Pan This Thanksgiving
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Five Hand Pies that Will Make You Skip the Pie Pan This Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving around the corner, pie is on everyone's mind. For some, the hardest parts of pie making can be transferring the rolled dough to a pie pan in one piece and perfectly crimping the edges to make a showstopper dessert. Hand pies remove that challenge. Plus, they make for great finger food for those family members running off to watch the football game. 

Here are five hand pies that could cause you to ditch the fork this Thanksgiving.

Hand pies can be fried or baked. When they are fried, they are often given the fun name of fry pies! 

Courtney gives us the recipe for Amish Apple Fry Pie in her blog, Neighborhood Food.

This treat hits all the right notes. It's fried, filled, frosted, and finger food. As the temperatures fall with the leaves, Amish kitchens and mine can evoke warmth with this dessert.

In less than a half hour, Heather prepares her Fried Marshmallow Pies. If you are reading this and it's already Thanksgiving day, you still have time. Plus, "They're ridiculous, in case you couldn't tell by looking, and they beg to be eaten alongside a cup of strong black coffee (to cut the sweetness)." 

Heather gives us many clear steps to successfully make these gooey goodies and some substitute suggestions for scrumptious s'mores and sweet potato variations.

Let’s explore the Bay area vibe with Snixy Kitchen’s Gluten-free Rosemary Peach Hand Pies with White Chocolate Mascarpone

Sarah grinds her own oat flour and combines it with millet and sweet rice flours in the gluten-free crust. If gluten-free isn't important to you, her rosemary and peach filling over a white chocolate/mascarpone layer would be amazing with any crust. "Rosemary and peach are a match made in produce heaven."

Sarah at ¡HOLA! JALAPEÑO grew her own butternut squash for these Butternut Maple Empanadas With a Coconut Cornmeal Crust. Whether you buy the butternut squash or grow it yourself, these hand pies sound fantastic! With coconut oil in the dough and a butter-free recipe, these hand pies provide a great dairy-free choice. Plus, they are healty(ish) since they are baked rather than fried.

My Sweetie Pies are hand pies (you have to be able to hold your sweetie) and they are filled with my favorite edible sweetie (sweet potatoes) and lots of love in the form of chocolate! They are essentially hand held chocolate sweet potato pies. Cutting a heart in the dough shows that they are made with love. You could also cut out turkeys or pilgrim hats for Thanksgiving.

Bonus tip: If you do choose to make traditional pies, you can always make few hand pies from leftover dough and filling scraps to enjoy on your own before the company arrives.

You could even try making a savory hand pie with your leftover turkey:

Which pie would you like to turn into a hand pie? Let us know in the comments!

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