The Best Gluten-Free Recipes From Your Favorite Celebrity Chefs  
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The Best Gluten-Free Recipes From Your Favorite Celebrity Chefs  

Rebecca Wright
about 1 year ago

Whether you live gluten-free as a lifestyle choice or a healthy choice, it’s well agreed upon that finding good recipes and ingredients can sometimes be tough. Many factors can come into play that can limit your meal options, such as a lack of grocery stores with diversity, restaurants whose only vegetarian and gluten-free options are a measly salad, and bland recipes.

Luckily, in some places, gluten-free options are becoming more available and widespread as more people decide to live without gluten in their lives -- which is also great news for those who actually have Celiac’s Disease.

According to my mother, one of the worst parts about living gluten-free is having to watch the Food Network. A lot of the recipes the celebrity chefs make aren’t great for those with dietary restrictions, and even though the food looks delicious, those with restrictions can’t make it. But since the gluten-free trend has been around for a while, many celebrity chefs are hopping on the trend by creating gluten-free recipes to share.

Also, the best part about celebrity chefs creating these recipes is that you can be sure they know what they’re doing (they are celebrity chefs, after all). These are some of my favorite gluten-free recipes as told by celebrity chefs.

Alton Brown’s Cookies

Everybody needs to satisfy their sweet tooth at some point -- and yes, I mean everybody. Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, or are looking for a good recipe that may be a little more health-conscious, you’ve come to the right place.

Alton Brown’s recipes for chewy chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies are to die for. They’re perfect for any occasion and are both easy to make. And in case you didn’t know, over 40% of Alton Brown’s recipes online are gluten-free, so if you love these cookies, definitely check out some of his other recipes. You won’t be disappointed.

Ree Drummond’s Waffles

Gluten-free breakfast lovers worry no more -- The Pioneer Woman has you covered with her gluten-free waffles. These waffles, which only take a few minutes to make, are made with an unexpected ingredient: plantains. To make it even better, they’re even grain-free and flour-free.

While I’ve tried these and (sadly) not had any leftovers, Ree Drummond claims that they’re great for reheating. Just these babies right into the toaster oven the next morning and you’re in for round two of gluten-free waffle deliciousness.

Katie Lee’s Chickpea Pizza Crust

Katie Lee does gluten-free (catch that?) with her canned chickpea pizza crust. Instead of buying a gluten-free pizza crust to indulge in those pizza cravings, you can make your own crust by just using some chickpeas, eggs, and gluten-free flour.

Once you make the crust, you can put whatever you want on top of it. Make it a meat lovers pizza, vegetarian pizza, or a classic cheese pizza. It’s your pizza, so do as you please. No matter what, it’ll probably be delicious. If you want to go true Katie Lee style, make it colorful.

Hopefully, these recipes brought you some inspiration to try new gluten-free things or gives you the motivation to actually make one. Speaking from experience, they’re all pretty easy to make and are definitely good. If you aren’t gluten-free, you can still make these recipes and you’ll be sure to enjoy them anyways!

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