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My Frozen Foods Manifesto  

When it comes to buying produce, people always ask me: “What’s better, fresh fruits and veggies or frozen?” My answer is that unless you’re able to get local produce in season (and ideally organic) I prefer going frozen most of the time. And I’ll tell you why:

• Frozen fruits and veggies are often fresher than the fresh stuff. That’s because they’re picked and flash frozen at their absolute prime. Who knows how long that zucchini and cauliflower has been languishing in the produce section—and in transit before that.

• They’re less time consuming. Can you imagine shelling your own peas? Good luck with that. Frozen veggies have also been blanched, which saves you the step of having to steam them.

• They’re cheaper. Trust me, I’ve done the math!

• They’re easier to blend, because they’ve been partially cooked already.

• They save you from having to cook them.

• They’re available all year round.

• There’s an incredible variety of them! These days, you can find everything from sweet potatoes to frozen kale.

• They won’t spoil nearly as fast as the stuff in your veggie crisper.

So load up! Frozen is where it’s at.

My Berry Detox Blend and Triple Greens Blend start with frozen fruits & vegs

Two veggies I do recommend buying fresh are baby spinach and baby kale. It has a milder flavor than the frozen kind and isn’t nearly as dense. And it’s so easy and inexpensive to grab a bag of prewashed greens.

fresh kale can be more versatile and milder than frozen

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Missy Chase Lapine

Missy Chase Lapine is the NYT bestselling author and creator of the Sneaky Chef cookbooks and foods. Her new book, Sneaky Blends, comes out in September 2016. For more info, visit