Fridge Scrap Snack Heaven: Italian Inspired Quesadilla 

This right here was a stroke of genius on a lazy afternoon when my husband urged me to whip up a quick lunch or snack for him before he headed out to a meeting. Being constrained on time, he needed something fast and easy to eat. And like most husbands, they never warn you of this strict lunch time frame they are working with, say in the morning or the night before. So what do you do when you didn't even realize you were suppose to make lunch. Scour your fridge for what you have and whip up a tired old sandwich? 

Me: Turkey cheese sandwich babe? 

Husband: No, that's so plain. What else?

Me: ooookay, well there's not much here. We got a bunch of cold cuts, salami and turkey, mozzarella, jack cheese, flour tortillas, eggs, sausages...salsa...pickles..

And then, I spotted a container of newly opened fresh pesto I had from last night. I need to use this before it goes bad so I started with that. Then a lightbulb went off...I can make a quesadilla with all the cold cuts, cheese and pesto! Kind of like a super thin Italian Panino!!! I finished it off with a drizzle of some orange blossom honey. Why you may ask? Cheese and honey goes hand in hand. Savory with a little sweet can enhance the savory?? Something about it all just made sense and my husband loved it! Now it's a staple in our home and it should be yours too!!! Don't wait around. Go make it on a whim:)

Here is my recipe for Fridge Scrap Snack Heaven: Pesto Club Quesadilla with Salami, Turkey, Mozzarella, and Orange Blossom Honey


2 flour tortillas

2-3 slices turkey or ham

4-5 slices salami

1 cup low moisture shredded mozzarella

2 tablespoon pesto

1 teaspoon honey of your choice for drizzling

1 teaspoon olive oil


1. Place one tortilla on a cutting board and spread the pesto on one side of the tortilla. Repeat on the other tortilla (just one side)

2. Layer half cup mozzarella on top of the tortilla, then the turkey, the salami and then the rest of the cheese. Top it off with the second tortilla. 

3. Drizzle olive oil on the tortilla and flip over and drizzle olive oil on the other side. Careful not to let it slide or fall apart.

4. Heat a non-stick pan to high and place the quesadilla in and start browning one side.

5. Turn heat to medium and press down on the quesadilla. Heat for 2 mins and flip over to the other side. 

6. Once both sides are a nice golden toasty brown, slide the quesadilla onto a cutting board.

7. Quarter the quesadilla 

8. Now drizzle your honey on top :)

Just look at this beauty! The best part is that it tastes freaken delicious and it only takes less than 8 minutes. You'll feel like a kitchen goddess after whipping this up

Ooey Gooey cheese melted with the herbaceous pesto and salty salami then paired with honey. If only you could bite into this right now.

For those of you who don't like sweet and savory, skip the honey and eat on its own. OR...add some hot sauce baby. Siracha, tabasco or cholula all will oomph up this snack.

About the Author

"I run a business by day, work the kitchen lines at night, switch into blogger mode by midnight and occasionally travel the world to hunt for inspiration" Kathy Fang is chef and co-owner of Fang, a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco offering a fresh take on dishes influenced by both Northern and Southern China’s cuisine. The daughter of famed House of Nanking chef/owner Peter Fang, Ms. Fang has emerged from her renowned culinary family to enliven San Francisco’s food scene with her own cuisine at Fang Restaurant located in the city’s South of Market (SOMA) neighborhood. She has contributed and appeared in numerous publications such as Wall Street Journal, Self Magazine, Men's Journal, SF Chronicle, Singtao Daily, Examiner, Munchies, and makes appearances on Food Network, CNN, and Travel Channel. She recently became a two time Chopped Champion.