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Where to Find the Frothiest Cocktails in Dallas! Eggs Aren't Just for Breakfast! 

In the modern culture of craft cocktails ingredients that patrons avoided previously are becoming more and more popular. Bartenders are even searching high and low for unique ingredients to set themselves apart and then having to find a way to incorporate these ingredients into a balanced libation their clientele will enjoy. One such technique older than you or I that has always existed but rarely understood was the use of eggs in cocktail; more specifically the inclusion of egg white in shaken cocktails. It doesn’t sound very appetizing but I assure you including egg white can transform an un-balanced, un-approachable cocktail into a silky dream. If you haven’t yet tried an egg white cocktail head down to one of the following venues and it may just rock your world.


The Woolworth:

In the upstairs loft style space in the middle of downtown you will find The Woolworth where they serve some deliciously creative cocktails with a relaxed jazz style vibe. If it wasn’t so packed with patrons all the time you would certainly find yourself feeling like you were right at home with your personal chef and bartender. Take a seat on the spacious patio with some friends and take in the great views of Dallas if that’s your thing but if you’re flying solo and just need a good drink than you can spend some time in the private library packed with great books of all genres with a “New York Sour Flip” in one hand being enveloped in one of the plush lounge chairs. This cocktail combines 2 of my loves, cocktails and wine. In this variation they stick with bourbon as the base but then add toasted almond and peach simple syrup shaken with lemon juice and egg white and is finally topped off with some Cabernet Sauvignon floating on top.

Midnight Rambler:

We recently published an article about The Re-Institutionalization of Hotel Bars in North America but unfortunately had not yet heard of Midnight Rambler; had we known of this secretive institution hidden away inside The Joule Hotel we would have shared it with you sooner. To find this Midnight Rambler craft cocktail bar you first have to spot the neon “cocktails” sign and make your way down the stairs. While taking in the wondrous scene that is Midnight Rambler and enjoying the company of the beautiful people who seem to frequent the venue as constant as the staff, why not try one of their fabulous cocktails. Specifically I recommend trying the Asian inspired “Tiger Style” concoction, with batavia arrack, calamansi, palm sugar, pappali, egg white and a little cassia aromatic essence.


If you’re familiar with Houndstooth Coffee then you should certainly check out their location at Sylvan Thirty; sure they have great coffee but that’s not why you should go. Once you arrive, make your way past the delicious aromas of the coffee station to the end of the hallway and step into Jettison, a wonderfully intimate prohibition style speakeasy where good food is accompanied by exceptional cocktails. Check out “Flip Side” with East Indian Solera accentuated by the cardamaro, bitters and completed by adding an entire egg. If you don’t want the whole egg then the “’Spro Fizzo” may be for you with rum, cream, espresso syrup, soda, nutmeg and egg white. Whatever you order here you are in for a treat.

Victor Tangos:

This inconspicuous venue sitting on Henderson Avenue with a plain brick façade and a huge neon sign sitting overhead doesn’t seem like much but as you enter the space you immediately know you are in good hands. The magnificent marble bar along one wall seems fully stocked with every spirit imaginable and the staff certainly knows how to use each of them. Victor Tangos is great for a late night bite and some creative craft cocktails like this “Give ‘Em the Boot” for example with mezcal, Fernet, coffee, crème de cacao, honey, cream and egg white for a powerful concoction that must be handled with care.

Vetted Well:

If you want the most amazing views of the Dallas skyline look no further than Vetted Well in the Cedar Crest district of South Dallas. Although you should visit here for the views alone many come for the boilermakers of which there are plenty and in a venue that specializes in having fun they have created a craft cocktail list that is approachable to people from all walks of life. After wetting your palate with a boilermaker or 2 and finding your way to one of their four themed karaoke rooms you can enjoy a great cocktail like the “Dover to Calais” which packs a punch with the bold flavors of navy strength rum and green Chartreuse at the helm being mellowed out by the addition of orgeat syrup, lime juice and egg white.


If you have ever visited the Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel in New York you may find Quill to be a little familiar. This stylish craft cocktail bar exudes elegance from every corner and with every cocktail coming out from their beautiful bar. Sit back and enjoy luxurious cocktail like the “Butterfly Effect” with local Texas crafted Tito’s vodka, St-Germain, grapefruit juice and lemon juice balanced with a little simple syrup and then to of course an egg white is added to bring all these flavors together.

The Porch Restaurant:

The mac ‘n’ cheese draws patrons into this venue by the busload (not literally) but once they’re in the door and their bellies are full of cheesy goodness it’s time to sit back and wash it down with a delicious hand crafted cocktail. At The Porch Restaurant the cocktails are not the focus but the bar is an amazing place with good company to do a little people watching while enjoying one of their many unique libations. Take the “Rosemary Whiskey Sour” for instance; if you like whiskey and aren’t afraid of a little kick in your cocktail then this elevated sour may just be for you with the creative addition of apple bitters and a little hint of rosemary.

Joyce and Gigi’s Kitchen:

This mother and daughter team in East Dallas are known for their Southern American fare or more precisely their desserts. Patrons flock to Joyce and Gigi’s Kitchen every evening to try their deliciously decedent dessert offerings and while enjoying a little sugary bliss you should check out their cocktail menu with items such as the “Sour Joyce”. Keeping with the Southern American theme this Pisco Sour variation packs a punch on your palate with the inclusion of papaya juice.

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