Eeeeeatscon: Niche NY Festival for Foodies

My friend Claire and I attended the Eeeeeatscon Food Festival which was put on by The Infatuation this past Saturday in Forest Hills, Queens NY. Overall it had a small/niche food community vibe where foodies alike go to taste, network, hang with friends and indulge on a chilly Saturday afternoon. After living in San Francisco, CA for years, both Claire and I enjoyed the gray misty weather with a touch of Fall for the day. It felt like we were right at our California homes which made us feel warm and fuzzy.

Walking into the Forest Hills Stadium I loved how there were 3 large sections to try food vendors/drinks. It did not feel overwhelming like a Coachella festival at all, where you are dripping sweat after being there for 20 min in the hot sun. It also wasn’t one of those festivals where all the good stuff is at the end of festival. So if you go next year, arrive bright and early so you can skip the lines and taste what you want! The best part was the Food is the headliners! I have been to so many music festivals where I just want to get to try some new eats, but my friends are balling and boozing and have no interest in food. If you are a true foodie like me @amanda_fullest, this is the festival for you!

The other best part about this festival was I just moved back to NY so it really gave me a high level overview on the trendy and yummy restaurants/street food vendors in the city today, thanks to The Infatuation team. 

Here is a list of my recommendations/reviews for the food and drink vendors at the Eeeeeatscon event:

Ramona Represents The Queens Garden

We started off our extravaganza of a day at The Queens Garden. I wanted a drink to quench my thirst and accentuate all my senses. We stopped here for a free Ramona Italian Wine Spritzer, which as you know me, anything Italian I am all in for. We walked past a life size portrait of Beyoncé Lemonade (praise the goddess herself) and made our way to our first bite…Momofuku Milk Bar balls which was quite the sugar rush to intensify our food experience. Claire and I did a photo opp of holding lemons pretending to be the Real Housewives of Wine. #goals


There was a LaCroix tent behind the stadium which was an absolute MUST for Claire being their #1 fan. We got to spin the laCroix wheel for prizes and I got featured as an excited winner being filmed for LaCroix promotion. #famous Claire made out like an bandit and it was all worth it with the long line! Hats, bags, pins, cell phone accessories, you name it, white girls gotta love the free Merch!

Get It Girl!

King Davids Tacos

We started indulging in savory food by splitting a Taco (since we wanted to try all the things) and we went for the Chorizo Taco. The eggs were soft, the chorizo was a bright reddish color and super flavorful, the onion to cheese/breakfast potatoes ratio was on point. Both sauces (both green and red) were delicious and had a fruitful kick to them. The taco was a great couple bites to start off strong and I recommend you go for breakfast in NYC.

Caviar Presents The Wine Room

Keeping the buzz on for the day, we tapped into The Wine Room which was a tent next to Jon & Vinny’s from LA getting a lot of attention. It reminded me of a more quaint “Wine Lands.” If you EVER make it to the Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco which was one of my favorite spots to hit when I was there. There wasn’t a wine tasting which was disappointing but we each got an overpriced glass of Sauvignon Blanc, the brand was not memorable.


We continued our food fest with a Wild Mushroom Pita at Miznon since the pita seemed to be the talk of the town. I am huge into cooking portabella’s and squeezing it into a multigrain English muffin for a take on a veggie burger; this was something similar. I enjoyed the sauce the most, covered the pita on both sides, almost like a more mild aioli to compliment the spices.

Jhal x Kolkata Chai Co

This was the real zinger of the food taste. I ordered the Fuchika at Jhal x Kolkata Chai Co which is known for some of the best Chai Street Tea in NY which I wished I tasted. The Fuchika was semolina shells stuffed with yellow peas. They had quite the spice kick to them and Claire who LOVES spice couldn’t handle the heat. Myself on the other hand who claims I cannot handle heat, devoured them like a champ, maybe all my days taking down Pho in San Francisco paid off and honored me with a couple heat points. Note to self when trying, BRING Milk, or suck it up like me!


The icing on the cake was the headliner Rubirosa. They are known for their tie-die pizza as well as vodka pizza (SO NY of course) so we had to get in on that taste. The line for many of the food headliners were long all day (peak times for long lines was 1pm-3pm as a heads up for next year) so we got on line (about 25 min) to order the pizza around 330pm. There were two options: tie-die or vodka. Thankfully for us who are two indecisive white girls, we went with the vodka pizza to really indulge in American Italian culture here in NY. 45 min later we received the pizza on time, and were in sauce and cheese heaven. Say it with me… Hallelujah!

OpenTable Presents The Riddler

The Riddler is a San Francisco Overpriced Champagne Bar favorite in the all too familiar Hayes Valley district. This bar was close to our heart being from SF and that was a MUST do for the day. Unfortunately, it was a VIP buy a ticket in advance exclusive booth (who buys these tickets in advance?!) so we forfeited a glass of bubbly. Obviously OpenTable was trying to be exclusive. Too bad you missed out my influencer enthusiastic presence in the space. BUT…super cool for getting The Riddler out to NY though, we will be their #1 loyal consumers if they expand to the city that never sleeps.

The Bar

These “Bar” tents were the most confusing. Some had beer, some had wine. Just make up your mind and stick to one thing!

All in all it was a successful day at EEEEEastcon, the free merch was great and the food/drink was good. I made some helpful food connections for my personal @amanda_fullest brand and got some ideas for new dates night in the city. Maybe next year you can find me featured on a panel, and can’t wait to see what The Infatuation cooks up next Fall for EEEEEatscon.

Any questions/comments on the event/food, feel free to hit me up!

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