Easter Treats

Eggs, chicks and cute bunnies all around. Easter is by far the cutest holiday of them all.

First lets go over the egg colouring. I like to use a natural approach for colouring eggs. No chemicals, but still the same amount of fun.

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Red wine dye

The first way to dye eggs naturaly is with red wine. The eggs come out in a beauful dark purple colour with a nice sparkle.

You will need;

1l or 33oz of red wine


2tablespoons of winegar

First put the eggs in a water/vinegar soak-this is for the egg shell so it absorbs more colour.

Next put the eggs in a pot, cover them completely with wine and cook them to a boil, let simmer for 15min. Leave the eggs over night in the wine for a deeper colour.

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Turmeric eggs

For a gorgeous natural pastel yellow colour pick up some turmeric.

Just add 2tablespoons of turmeric powder (or more depending on how much water you have in your pot) to your water wi a teaspoon of vinegar and boil the eggs for 15min and leave them to soak.

Photo by http://scissorsandspoons.com                                          

Golden brown onion skin eggs

Another great method is using natural onion skins.

You use the dry parts of the onion skins, about a cup. Put the skins in water with a few teaspoons of vinegar and boil the eggs.

You can also use purple cabbage for a soft blue colour, beets for a pinkish colour , coffee for a nice brown or even tea.

For amazing natural flower egg decorations, you'll need some fresh flowers or herbs and pantyhose.

Put the flower petal, herb or leaf on an uncooked egg, wrap in pantyhose and secure with a knot. Put in your water with dye and cook for 15min. Leave to completely cool in the water then remove the pantyhose. Simple and beautiful.

What is Easter without some fresh home made bread?

I found some cute recipes to make your Easter table even more mouth watering.

Some cute bunny buns by  dessert first girl;


Italian easter bread by  the italian dish blog;


German easter bread from gayathris cook spot;


Italian easter bread from nonna's way;


Orange and pistachio challah from  what's for lunch honey ;



Happy Easter to you all!

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