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9 Places Mentioned
Dallas Lifestyle Drinks of 2016

This year, I have my list once again of my favorite drink/patio spots that I frequented.  If you're based in Dallas-Fort Worth or are planning a visit or move, there are a plethora of places to wind down. Any time I venture out for work or play, I'm always looking for a list of restaurants with legit happy hours or interesting drink items. Preferably, pics and opinions by locals. So! Here is your list in case you need help in navigating the DFW area.


1.  Whistle Britches Chicken

I'm always told I drink like a man since I always have a whiskey in hand!  Either way, Whistle Britches in Dallas, TX has a great $10 bottomless mimosas offer at brunch time.  I had about three and I was good to go - $3/mimosa works for me!  The bloody mary was amazing as well.  I'm NOT a fan of tomato juice, but the flavor was incredibly subtle and the vodka was smooth.  Check it out!

2.  Mi Dia From Scratch

This is perfect for a Pinot Grigio afternoon.  There is a Plano and Grapevine location.  The patio is incredibly comfortable and when the weather is nice, this place makes an amazing outdoor spot for table-side guacamole.

3.  First Watch

This is a non-spirit drink, but it makes the list!  Why!?  Because i'm not an alcoholic and can appreciate the healthier drinks before a 5-mile trek.  I still believe a glass of wine a day will keep the doctor away, though.  Nonetheless, First Watch serves an amazing kale tonic.  Savory, sweet, and oh-so fresh!

4.  Whiskey Cake Plano

Do you even have to ask?  That's what locals will ask themselves if we think about adding Whiskey Cake to the list.  Not only is the food amazing, but they have extremely unique drinks.  This one was consumed during work hours, so ANOTHER non-alcoholic drink.  I know all you drinkers are probably bored now, but fear not!  i'm saving a few good ones for last.  Honestly, I ordered this drink because it was called PEACH Don't Kill My Vibe elixir.  I can't NOT order a drink when I see that name.  

For you alcohol drinkers, you may appreciate Whiskey Cake's bubbles n berries drink shown above.

5.  Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar

This is an orange and vodka cocktail.  I adore Lazy Dog because it's POOCH FRIENDLY!  What!  Yes, it's dog-friendly and they even have a menu for your furry friend.  All their food is made fresh and the patio space is a favorable size.  There is an Addison and Plano location.  You may even catch some famous Instagram doggies at this place.  It's the #1 pick for brunchers with pups.

6.  Jinbeh

Jinbeh is a long-time favorite restaurant of mine.  I have been visiting this establishment since 2006.  It has stood the test of time as a premium hibachi restaurant.  You can find one in Lewisville and the other in Plano.  I will say, the drinks in Lewisville are amazing.  The bartender takes really good care of patrons and makes these drinks really special.  The bar area is relatively small, but the atmosphere makes it feel like everyone is family.  I would go here after a long day at work!  Try it, you may like their saki bombs.

7.  Kona Grill

I always save the goodies up my sleeve for last!  KONA GRILL.  Whether you are in Dallas or Plano, do yourself a grand favor and join the 4-7pm happy hour offered.  I will warn you, this place gets seriously packed - your wait time will be over an hour if you don't get here early enough.  I arrived right at 4pm and had to put my name on a list.  That's okay!  While you wait, order a Moscow mule and a dry martini, and your wait-time will be over before you know it.  Their happy hour menu has generous portions and great drink offerings.

I hope this drink list will help you stay sane - if you're a native Texan, visiting from out-of-town, and/or moving to the area - these places will get you started on learning the lay of the drink land.  Enjoy!

Whistle Britches,
Mi Dia From Scratch,
First Watch - Plano,
Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar,
Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar,
Jinbeh Japanese Restaurant | Lewisville,
Jinbeh | Japanese Restaurant,
Kona Grill - Dallas

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