Celebrate Festivus with these Seinfeld-ian Cocktails

The wonderful Death and Co. Book laments that cocktails cannot name themselves, and thus as we concoct our originals we are beholden to christen them with fitting monikers. On Bottle by Bottle, we have found a solution to this challenge: almost every Seinfeld episode title makes a great name for a cocktail. The Scofflaw, from season six, already had a great namesake cocktail. Below are five more of the other 179 possibilities.

The Strike

Jerry goes out with a two-face, Kramer goes back to work at H&H Bagels, George makes up a charity, and Elaine gives a fake number to a man.

This cocktail needed to be featured as its eponymous episode introduced Festivus to the world. Experimentation in splitting ingredients led to a cocktail with ten separate ingredients plus a double garnish, making the mixing of one qualify as Festivus Feat of Strength. It's worth the effort though, as we can't imagine anyone airing any grievances about this one.

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The Serenity Now

Frank Costanza is advised to repeat “serenity now” to control his blood pressure, Kramer installs a screen door on his apartment transporting him to Anytown, USA and Jerry tries to get mad.

Rather than yelling "serenity now", Frank should have tried one of these calming, sweet and easy sippers. The optional addition of chocolate bitters evokes a Christmas orange, making this a perfect drink for the Festivus season.

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The Frogger

George tries to acquire an old Frogger machine on which he's held the top score since high school.

Sometimes a concept drink can be pretty simple: this one just had to be green. Lime juice and green Chartreuse provide the colour, mint rounds out the flavour, while rum provides the base. The addition of an egg white gives the drink a rich texture, and an appearance evoking a Haribo Gummi Frog. We even tried garnishing with one, but discovered that, sadly, they do not float in liquor.

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The Wink

Jerry squirts grapefruit into George's eye at breakfast, and for the rest of the day George is misinterpreted because everyone thinks he is winking at them.

Rhubarb-infused gin provides this original's vibrant colour, and an exciting flavour. Combined with floral St-Germain, herbal Chartreuse, and cardamom, this refreshing drink is topped off with a grapefruit garnish, as a tribute to George. 😉

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The Betrayal

The gang goes to a wedding in India.

Everyone who tries this one assumes it contains grapefruit juice. Turns out lemon juice and Campari betray the tastebuds, resulting in a cocktail carefully balancing sweetness and bitterness. Elaine should really try to lay off the Peach Schnapps and try one of these instead.

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