"Amaro" Book Signing event w/author Brad Thomas Parsons & Don Ciccio & Figli Italian Liqueurs, pt.2
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"Amaro" Book Signing event w/author Brad Thomas Parsons & Don Ciccio & Figli Italian Liqueurs, pt.2

I had a great time at Brad Thomas Parson’s “Amaro” book signing event, featuring liqueurs from Don Ciccio & Figli, a local D.C. company that produces Amaro (and other liqueurs) focused on traditional methods and recipes from the Amalfi Coast, in Italy.  The event was held at renowned Italian restaurant Masseria - read more about it in the first part of this article

Now - for the drinks!  We received four tickets / presumably one per each cocktail.  The cocktail recipes came from Brad's Amaro book, and Don Ciccio Amari were featured in each one. 

The Toronto 

A two ingredient, booze forward cocktail made with rye whiskey and Don Ferne, served up in a classic Nick and Nora glass.  I loved this one - bracing and flavorful - bitter fernet with spicy rye.

The Jungle Bird

A tiki-inspired drink made with white rum, Luna Amara (which Brad considers a nice medium Amaro), pineapple, and lemon.  A crowd favorite - and a very delicious sipper.

The Spritz

Cinque, Prosecco, Soda, orange twist. Very light and simplistic - a great alternative to a mimosa or other typical brunch cocktail.

The Italian Buck

I must confess, I didn't get a chance to try this one, as I had to go to work afterwards! (No worries - alcohol still flowed, as I gave my drink ticket away) However, good news is - I have all the ingredients to make it at home! Can't wait.  Features Amaro di Carciofo, Amaro della Sirene, Ginger beer, and Lime.  Looks amazing, right? 

Group of "Italian Bucks" on the right.

Interested in more? Check out "Amaro" book and Don Ciccio & Figli Liqueurs - you won't be disappointed.  The love Brad and Francesco (of Don C.) have for Amaro shines through - taste and see for yourself.

The Spritz, served in a coupe glass.


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