6 Exotic Cocktails for Your Holiday Guests
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6 Exotic Cocktails for Your Holiday Guests

The Holidays are upon us once again, tis the season for gratitude, giving, and spending time with loved ones. What better way to do all three than serve your guests interesting cocktails?!

I offer 6 cocktail recipes with interesting spice elements that compliment Holiday fare:  

Flippin' the Bird

I made this flip (drink category that uses whole egg) cocktail just the other day, as I missed out on Thanksgiving Day dessert. Believe me - it was hard to pass up, but I was that full! This tasty treat made up for it, though.  Great alternative to traditional egg nog. Overproof rum is the base spirit. (Substitute alternative dark rum if you do not have Goslings 151, or use favorite whiskey!)

Bitter Sunset

This drink has bitterness from the use of Amari and grapefruit, but is also spicy and bright.  It's great year round, but the cinnamon bark syrup fits right in with the Holidays. Well, and the Templeton Rye Whiskey doesn't hurt, either.  Give 'em "the good stuff". (Substitute other Amaro if you cannot find Don Ciccio)

Divine Intervengin

More spice!  Sukkah Hill Spirits "Etrog" liqueur is featured in this cocktail - which is citrusy and peppery. Very delicious stuff. The herbal/spicy notes of this liqueur would pair well with various holiday dishes. Also satisfy the gin-lovers in your group.  (Substitute lemon oleo saccharum and allspice dram if you cannot find Etrog)


A bourbon cocktail with ginger liqueur, chai pear shrub, and lemon juice. Chai pear?! Yes, yes, please!  I love a great whiskey cocktail, and I think your bourbon-loving guests would approve, also.  

Sesame Bee's Knees

I adore the Bee's Knees cocktail, which consists of Gin, lemon juice, and honey simple. Simple.  Delicious.  I elevated this version by infusing the honey simple with toasted sesame seeds and making a lemon oleo saccharum. My goodness!  If you don't try any of the other recipes - please do try this one!

It's in the Card(s)amom

The sixth and final cocktail I offer you is Scotch-based and features cardamom simple syrup, coffee liqueur, and punt e mes bitter vermouth.  There are many substitutions you can use with this one!  Play around with it :) 

Feel free to leave comments/suggestions if you try any of these :)  

Enjoy your Holidays!  

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