5 Fall Ice Cream Flavors to Try Before the Leaves are Gone
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5 Fall Ice Cream Flavors to Try Before the Leaves are Gone

I find there is always room for ice cream, especially when it incorporates my favorite fall flavors.

These flavors are not to be missed and several of these ice creams are no-churn so you won't even need an ice cream maker to successfully make the recipes at home.

The first ice cream flavor is Noble Pig’s Brown Sugar Pumpkin Crunch. Cathy, the author, wanted some crunch to offset that smooth (she says bland) pumpkin texture, so she made a crunchy streusel topping but put it inside her ice cream. Not satisfied with just inside crunch, she then topped it with turbinado sugar, commonly known as "sugar in the raw."

Sticking with pumpkin (because we can't get enough pumpkin this season), up next is Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream by Lauren at Keep It Sweet Desserts. This is a no-churn pumpkin ice cream recipe enhanced by swirls of brown sugar and cinnamon. A single scoop, or even a big bowl, will leave you wanting more.

Allison is Celebrating Sweets with a reconstructed version of Apple Pie à la Mode:

We all love apple pie or apple crisps with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, right? So how delicious would it be to actually have ice cream that tastes like apple pie à la mode?! Answer: Very delicious! Super delicious! Unbelievably delicious!
Diced apples are cooked with brown sugar and cinnamon until the apples are soft. A portion of the apple compote is pureed and mixed into the ice cream base (this adds apple pie flavor right into the ice cream itself!). The rest of the compote is layered into the ice cream along with crushed oatmeal cookies, which mimic the crust. Every single bite of this ice cream tastes like apple pie.

I'm so hungry right now just thinking about this!

Do you like the taste of ginger as much as I do? It's good with sushi, meats, in soups, vegetables... oh, and did I mention ice cream? Brandy of Nutmeg Nanny uses both ginger snaps and crystallized ginger together with apple butter to create apple butter gingersnap ice cream

It’s basically like the flavors of fall fell into my ice cream mixer.

Jen from Southern California really wants s’mores (don't we all?!). On Yummy, Healthy, Easy, she combines the flavors of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate into a delicious ice cream treat. Another no-churn choice, this ice cream needs only a hand mixer followed by a night in the freezer to be an easy success: 

You will swoon over this creamy, easy vanilla ice cream. But adding in graham crackers, marshmallow fluff and Hershey’s chocolate, and you will double swoon. You must make this ASAP!

What I bring to this Fall Festival is my homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice Magic Shell topping.

I liked Magic Shell as a child and still do as an adult. It's amazingly easy to make from scratch once you learn the secret ingredient that makes the liquid harden on contact with ice cream. You can use pumpkin pie spice magic shell on any of your favorite ice cream flavors to fall-ify them!

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