4 Things a Non-American Would Eat for Super Bowl
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4 Things a Non-American Would Eat for Super Bowl

As a South American living in Europe, I have a problem distinguishing between the terms football and soccer. An even bigger problem is trying to understand why ANYBODY would prefer football over soccer.

But the larger-than-life issue is of course, what to eat during a game.

As a token of across-the-pond love for my fellow North Americans, I am here to help out.

These are the five things I would bring if I were to watch the Super Bowl at your house, or - better yet - this is what you need to have at your house if I drop by.

1. Choripan

Eating With Your Hands

This is the best thing to munch on at sporting events in Argentina, hands down. There is nothing like grabbing a bite of a choripan, feeling the slight heat of the chorizo and wash it down with a cool beer. The perfect build up to a touchdown.

2. Patatas Bravas


Easy and quick to make, it is the most ingenious food item to serve at a game. I promise you it won't last long on the table with its crazy sauce made of garlic, tomatoes, tomato purée, paprika, chilli powder, sugar and salt, sprinkled with parsley on top.

3. Tapas


If you wanna talk tapas dishes, why not bring out the whole shabang? Spread the table with love, and get your best hams and cheeses out. Don't forget the olives, salamis and bread and all of sudden you have a gallery of accompanying treats to that beer keg you'll need throughout the game.

4. Fried Goat Cheese Balls

Go Go Go Gourmet

Perfect thing to serve along with the sausages and cheese. Yes, you can actually go rustic on a game. But keep it simple and tasty. Remember: It's all about the game.

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