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3 “Ice Cream” Treats That Deserve Their Own Category
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3 “Ice Cream” Treats That Deserve Their Own Category

Published over 1 year ago

Here at Chicagoandfood, we love our ice cream. “You sing, I sing, we all sing for ice cream”? Well we are some of the loudest screamers. Chicago has TONS of amazing ice cream shops to check out, but there are 3 in our mind that while technically ice cream, deserve some sort of category on their own. We eat at these places on 90 degree summer days, but are also known to swing by for a quick fix in the dead of winter subzero temperatures, because the following frozen delights are just that good. Check them out and let us know your thoughts on Instagram with #chicagoandfood


Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen: Gelato Cookie Sandwiches

1. Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen: Gelato Cookie Sandwiches

Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen is a fresh-casual spot to have a full meal. Their honest American food appeals to a wide range of tastes, and has the Yelp reviews to prove it. Come hungry and prepare for a full meal, as it is hard to say no to add-ons such as sweet potato fries and guacamole. We usually opt for the Quinoa salad, as it is perfect amount of healthiness to prepare us for the real reason we are there: dessert. Hidden amongst a dessert menu of Housemade Key Lime Pie and Double Decker Chocolate Cake, you will find a modest $5 Gelato Cookie Sandwich. We have had ice cream cookie sandwiches in the past… but Gelato!? The extra smooth and creamy consistency makes the treat that much tastier. Depending on the day, you can choose from a variety of cookie / gelato combinations, but our tried and true is chocolate chip cookies with mint gelato in-between. Say goodbye to self-control, as after your first bite, you are likely to find yourself ordering more and more of these pieces of heaven, and for $5, who is to stop you?

Original Rainbow Cone: Rainbow Cone

2. Original Rainbow Cone: Rainbow Cone

Many in Chicago have heard the legends of the Original Rainbow Cone. Established in 1926, the legends are well founded. Founder Joseph Sapp grew up as an orphan working on a farm in Ohio, and would save his precious pennies to treat himself to ice cream on occasion, but the problem was, he was constantly forced to choose between chocolate and vanilla, and only had those two flavor options. Seeking to write this wrong as an adult, Joseph and his wife, Katherine, came up with the famous Rainbow Cone. It took experimentation and multiple variations of trial and error, but today’s majestic cone is a perfect combination of 5 flawless layers: chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House, pistachio and orange sherbet. (For the uninitiated, Palmer House ice cream is Vanilla with cherries and walnuts). It looks crazy on paper, but trust us… these flavors just work. The chocolate is creamy and delicious, but its smoothness is only intensified when juxtaposed next to the slight tartness and bright orange sherbet… and so on… and so on. For years, making it to rainbow cone was a pilgrimage, as the sole location is located a ~30 minute drive from downtown Chicago. Luckily, in 2016, the Original Rainbow Cone opened up a small location on Navy Pier! Check it out and prepare to be amazed. (Note: Rainbow Cone is only open during summer).

The Terrace at the Trump: One Hundred Dollar Ice Cream Sundae

3. The Terrace at the Trump: One Hundred Dollar Ice Cream Sundae

Gather up a group of your best ice cream loving friends, and head to the Terrace at the Trump for a once in a lifetime experience. (We suggest calling ahead to confirm availability). For $100, you can have the ice cream experience of your dreams. 20 HUGE scoops of ice cream are piled into a bowl the size of likes we have never seen. These 20 scoops are surrounded by all of the toppings you could ever want: from chocolate sauce to caramel sauce, fresh fruit, strawberry pearls, pistachio nougat, and small little chocolatey crunchy things that are simply delicious. The Terrace recognizes the monster task ahead of eaters, and is kind enough to serve this mammoth on a Lazy Susan spinnable mini-table, so you and your friends can access all of the garnishes. Finally, each diner is given a personal chocolate-dipped waffle bowl to eat from. This is the ice cream we dream of…

Original Rainbow Cone,
The Terrace at Trump,
Doc B's Fresh Kitchen

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